So now you’ve started a Facebook Page (if you don’t here’s how to start one) and you’re wondering “what the hell do I share on it?”

Everyone is different and every page should have its own unique angle at which it handles its posts. But luckily there are a few common guidelines everyone can follow when figuring out what to post on Facebook.

But why are you even on Facebook?

To reach more people, grow your business and make more money?  Or is it just for fun? Networking? Whatever the reason you’re trying to send out a message to the masses.  So let’s focus on one goal to make that happen.

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Your main Goal? Engagement.

The Main Goal is Engagement

Like, Share, Comment

These interactions with your posts are what Facebook is all about.  You know people are absorbing what you put out there if they interact with it, so it’s a clear signal that you’re reaching people.  Facebook knows this.

With that in mind, Facebook has a problem.  There are far too many posts being shared on Facebook for you to see them all, so they have algorithms in place to make sure you see the most popular content and posts that you like most.

So Facebook uses interaction and engagement to rank the quality of posts and Facebook pages before deciding if they rank them highly in your fans’ personal feeds.

How do I get people to interact with my posts?

You want to encourage interaction by providing quality, entertainment or informative posts that people appreciate and interact with.

Knowing your audience and posting things they appreciate or enjoy will give your page a lot of respect in the Facebook Algorithm, so when you occasionally post something “salesy” it will go further than if you simply spam sales-focused content all of the time.

This is one corner of content marketing.  You create media for people’s enjoyment and your brand awareness grows by association, along with your Facebook page.

You know what to aim for, now what should you share?

What do your share on Facebook?

Ok, so you know to try your best, listen and learn about your audience so you can go further with your Facebook Page but there’s more to it.

You should try to post most days of the week, 5 times or more to keep up good consistency, so it’s good to have a plan and mix between the post formats for variety whilst understanding which are going to perform best.

Some post types rank lower automatically whilst others rank higher, so let’s have a look.

Videos & Images work best

In the past sharing YouTube videos was quite effective, but these days YouTube videos rank far lower while videos uploaded directly to Facebook are performing best. The second best is sharing images.

Both work well because they’re visual and stand out, there’s little to no reading involved and it requires less focus and effort to digest.  So creating some eye-catching imagery or videos can really make a difference.

Here are a few ideas of what you can share as Videos or Images:

  • News – the latest events going on in your business, industry, or anything relevant to your main niche.
  • Success Stories – People get motivated and inspired by success stories behind common struggles.  If your product or service helps people succeed and you have solid examples of this, share them!
  • Behind the Scenes – The inner workings of your business can be very interesting.  It can be serious and interesting or silly hijinks that are entertaining. Create a culture and feel by sharing some behind the scenes images and videos.
  • Entertainment – you can create or find entertaining videos, images (such as memes) to share and interact with your Facebook fans.  Getting a laugh, a rush or being insightful in an entertaining manner is highly effective.
  • Educational – Show people how to do things, give them tips on an area you have expertize.  by helping people learn you become a resource and people will appreciate and engage with you.
  • Go Live – run a live video of an event, a Q&A, or even content exclusive to live video.  People love the live stuff nowadays.
  • Keep it Authentic  –  If all you do is copy other people, lie, fudge your numbers or just put no effort into your posts, they will come across as cheap and people won’t connect with it and won’t interact.

You can even post event or informative images into your pages’ header/cover image area and it will be shared with your followers also. This keeps your page looking fresh at the same time.

Check out our Photoshop Template Pack for Facebook here!

Plain text is underrated

Sometimes we get so flooded with imagery and multimedia that it’s the plain text posts that standout the most. Take advantage of this by regularly posting simple text posts.

You can ask questions, share a quote, make a statement or express an opinion.  It helps your audience get to know you more and engage with your page more often.

If you still want to take advantage of multimedia and visuals, you can create simple images with the text you type on them to catch the eye (try Canva for that!).

Share a Link

This is perhaps the LEAST engaging form of post you can share on Facebook, but the benefits are huge!

Why doesn’t it engage?  Because it takes you away from Facebook and Facebook doesn’t want that.  Also, people aren’t all that interested in links either.  So whatever you share needs to be enticing.

Share any articles or links you find interesting for sure, it will still reach people.  But also grow your own business with the following:

  • Share your website
  • If you blog, share your latest blog post (or an old one)
  • Share other social media profiles you have

Anything of yours you want people to see, share it. This is especially true for bloggers and content marketers!

Explore the options

You can share a poll, asking people to vote on certain things and rank them popularity, you can create events, offers or even entice message being sent to your page.

Just explore the options available to you when you post as you may find something handy that is perfect for your goals.

Making it all happen…


Knowing your options is easy, but actually following through, having ideas and kicking those goals is more difficult than you’d think.

There are ways to make this a lot easier though and as time passes you’ll get better at running your Facebook page.  So below are a few recommended practices to use to keep things moving.

Create a Structure.

I often create a weekly structure to my schedule, so when I try to think of what I need to share to fill a space, I know half of what I need already.

For example, I could do this for my web design Facebook Page:

  • Sunday – nothing
  • Monday – Sales Page or Product Promotion
  • Tuesday – Share a Portfolio piece
  • Wednesday – Ask my audience a question
  • Thursday – Offer advice or tips / old blog post link
  • Friday – Share another Portfolio Piece
  • Saturday – Share something funny (image or video)

These guidelines aren’t set in stone. If you have an idea that’s better one day you can break the rules.  But the general flow allows you to more easily figure out what to share.

If you do the day to day process like I have shown above, consider people’s activities on each day.  For example, I shared a sales post on Monday when everyone is gearing up for work and productivity, and shared an entertainment post on Saturday when people are relaxing.

You can set other rules like posting your latest blog post if you publish one that day, mention a celebrity birthday on their birthday, or anything that works for you.

Plan ahead, use a calendar.

Instead of trying to think of one thing every day, which often takes a lot of time, do it all at once.

If you start thinking of ideas you’ll find more come to you shortly after as your brain gets into ‘idea’ mode and start problem-solving.  So get out your structure above, get a calendar (paper or on your computer) and plan out your posts ahead of time.  This is a far more efficient way to operate.

You can refer to the calendar each day and share or you can schedule posts using the Facebook Scheduler or a Tool like Buffer.  Scheduling is powerful as it allows you to do all of this in one hit, once a month or week.  Just make sure you check in and respond to comments and questions and engage your audience in return.

Research Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with getting ideas from other people.  So find popular Facebook pages (within your niche or industry is best) and see what they share, it will give you some ideas of what you can share on your page.

I’ve also created a nifty resource for you to read:
60 Social Media Sharing Ideas to go Viral with

Check out that post for a list of ideas to help get you moving.

Now, get started!

You know what you need to do now, so plan it out and make it happen.

If you have any ideas or information you’d like to see added to this post, please leave a comment below.  If it was useful, consider sharing this post on Facebook (there’s an idea already!) or subscribe to my email newsletter.

Thank you for reading, have an excellent day!