Premium Facebook Cover Image PSD Templates

Photoshop Templates for your Facebook page

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Looking for a quick and easy way to create an impact with your Facebook page? One of the easiest ways is a catching Cover Image.

At Creator Impact, we’ve created over 100 templates, split into packs that you can download and and customize in Photoshop. They’re easy to use, designed to work across multiple devices so none of your information is cropped out of the frame. All fonts are included.

These packs are also perfect for designers as you are licensed to customise these and use them for your clients at no extra cost!

Below are what we offer.

All Templates Pack

100+ PSD Templates 

This complete pack includes all three of the above Photoshop Template Packs, giving you well over 100 templates to choose from and customize your Facebook Cover Image – or that of your clients.

There’s a wide range of layouts, styles and effects to really give you an edge with your social media profile.