Divi Theme Resources

Guides, tutorials and handy resources for using the Divi Theme.

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Why do I use the Divi Theme?

When I was 15, I built websites in HTML. It was long and tedious – until I discovered WordPress, but I couldn’t customize it precisely how I wanted it.

So I tried a number of customizable themes that were good, but not quite enough – then I found the Divi Theme.

Divi was the first Theme I ever tried that I felt I could create exactly what I wanted in WordPress.

I’ve looked elsewhere out of curiosity, but as far as I’m concerned, Divi beats them all. This website you’re on right now is built with Divi.

Check out Divi for yourself.

Let’s get into it.

Below is the list of Posts / Videos I’ve made on the Divi Theme in General. Most of these are videos as writing out every detail would be too huge a task.

Introduction to Divi

Not sure how Divi Works?

In this video, I introduce and walk through Divi and how you can use it to completely customize your WordPress website and build awesome pages.

It’s a simple Drag’n’drop interface and it’s easy to learn. I then expand further on how to use Divi below so you can keep learning after this video.

Test Drive Divi Today

The link below takes you to the official Divi website, once you land there is a button to try out the builder for free – you can instantly access the builder and have a play!

Divi Walkthrough's

Freebies for Creators

Let these free resources help.

From AI Art, to Photoshop Templates for social media, I have some options here for you!