Customize your WordPress Theme using the Divi Theme Builder

So you want to completely customize your WordPress Theme?

Well, there’s been this theme out for a while called Divi, it was about the closest thing I could find to a custom Theme builder – but it only had a page builder and a basic theme customizer.

Then they fixed that. They added the Divi Theme Builder.

Basically you can use the same Drag’n’Drop Page builder function on areas of your WordPress theme, creating all kinds of layouts for your website – even customizing down to which page types (or specific pages/posts) you’d like.

So I put together a series of videos that show you exactly how it all works.

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How the Divi Theme Builder Works

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This video shows you the basics of the Theme Builder. How you can create custom headers, content areas and footers.

You can see how easy to use the interface is, but I go into much more detail on each section in the following videos.

This video basically summarises the whole process, breaking down how to start, what your options are and a peek at what’s possible using the Divi Theme Builder in WordPress.

Customize your WordPress Theme Header with Divi

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Download the Divi Builder

This video shows you how to create a cool and custom header for your website using the Divi Builder.

This is the most in-depth video on the Theme Builder. As most people want to make a last first impression, the header is one of the most popular areas to customize.

This is where Divi versions in the past came up a little short, but the addition of the theme builder has overcome that weakness.

How to design your WordPress Content Area in the Divi Builder

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Download the Divi Builder

This is another massive step forward for the Divi Theme.

You can completely customize your content area for your whole site or just sections of it. You can then simply use the default WordPress editor / block editor for your content in the future.

This is perfect for simplifying the writing process or for handing a website to a client as the Divi Builder may be a little complex for them.

Create a custom Footer Design using Divi

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Download the Divi Builder

Finally, the footer.

Now many may not care about the footer and that’s cool, but this is an awesome place to add ‘Call to Actions’ and really get your website looking complete.

The footer also gives you the option for widgeted areas so you can still use your WordPress widgets as normal.

Check it out for yourself!

This software never ceases to amaze me, but you really need to try it for yourself.

Go to the Elegant Themes website here and you can try it out.

Otherwise, I hope you found this post useful. Have an awesome day and thanks for dropping by!