We all know that Facebook is a massive player in not only online activity these days but also life itself.

People are nose deep into their phones checking their Facebook feeds and getting all of the latest news.  So it’s no surprise that the most up to date businesses all have Facebook Pages!

But do you have a Facebook Page? 

Below I’ll show you exactly how to create your own Professional Facebook Page for your business.

Below you’ll find some videos walking you through the process.  For convenience, I have written some notes below to help you through.

For quick access, you skip to any of the following sections:

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The Process of Creating a Facebook Page

Below is a video walking through the creation process. The are some more handy videos further down this page and I’ve laid out some of the steps in writing.

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First, Log into Facebook…

Oh wait, do you have a Facebook account?

Yep, you need one if you want to create a page.  So head over to Facebook to sign up first. Now we can get stuck into it.

To create a page just go to: www.facebook.com/pages/create , or if you’re logged in you can click the ‘+’ circle button on the top right of your screen and when the drop down appears just click ‘Page’ (see below).

Create a Facebook page

You’ll then get the following screen:

Facebook Page Creator

Now fill out each field as you see fit! After you hit the blue button beneath the form, more fields will appear and you can upload your images.

Your Facebook Page ID Photo and Header Image

You’ll be prompted to upload images to for your ID and Header image.  I recommend creating some JPG images at the following sizes:

ID photo – 170 x 170 pixels or higher (perfectly square)

Header Image – I recommend an image 1920 x 1080, cropped top and bottom with an area of 711 pixels where your information is. This is due to the changing size of the image across devices.

See this post on creating a cover image in Photoshop for more information. If you use Canva, this video will help you out also.

If you’re a designer or handy with Photoshop this is easy.

If you have no idea how to create images, then I have a nifty video below for you. This video will show you how to create a basic logo and images for your social media/website with using Photoshop or a free tool called Canva.

Check out our Photoshop Template Pack for Facebook here!

Create Your First Post

It’s always a good idea to create a Facebook post so if people find your page, it doesn’t look empty or unused. There’s a section below your header image that says ‘Create Post’ click that button:

Click 'Create Post'

You’ll then get this window:

Create a Post

You can simply type a message, such as:

  • A message celebrating your new Facebook page
  • Introducing you or your business
  • a fun fact, joke or anything entertaining

You can also add images or a video using the Photo/Video button in the ‘Add to your Post’ section below your message.  So anything you feel your audience would appreciate, you can upload onto Facebook.

You can also use the Facebook Pages App on your phone which has a slightly different layout.

You can also Schedule Posts

See the video link below to learn how to schedule posts.  You can also find this video with written notes here for convenience.

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Setting up your Page Button

There’s a little button your Facebook page below your header image, see below:

Facebook page Button

By default, this will just be set up so people can message you.  But you can set it up to link to your website or a specific page, send an email or a whole range of options.

Simply click on the button and click ‘Edit Button’ and you’ll see your options.  Just click and follow the prompts!

Creating an Automatic Response for Messenger

If you don’t live next to your phone or computer, often messages can go unanswered on your Facebook page.

I highly recommend setting up an automatic response where you can tell people when you usually check your message or even recommend they call if it’s urgent (and list a phone number or email).

Here’a quick video showing you how, with written notes here.

Fill out your Page Info

If people want to research and get to know more about your business or page, you want to make sure the information is there, ready and waiting. So I’ll show you how to find your about tab and edit it.

In the left panel, there’s a list of tabs with an ‘Edit page info’ link – click that toedit your info.

Edit Page Info

It’s simple once you’re there, simply click each individual piece of information and enter your details for people to read, saving each as you go (a blue save button appears on each window that pops up to edit each detail).

Check your Page Settings

Once on your page, there’s a link in the left panel that says ‘Settings’ (see below), click through to that and you can go down the left menu to explore, review and update any of your page’s settings.  It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Facebook Page Settings

You can leave this step out if you’re happy with the default Facebook page settings, but I do recommend at least having a look here to make sure you’re comfortable with everything.

I have a video here you can check out for a more detailed explanation:

Watch on YouTube

Invite your Friends!

Finally, invite friends to like your page so you can begin to grow and reach more people.

Sometimes this option is on the page when you visit it, if not you can easily invite them by clicking the button with 3 dots (just below your header image, I put a screenshot below this text) and clicking ‘Invite Friends’ on the drop-down menu.

Invite your Facebook Friends to your page.

Tick the circle next to each person and then click the button ‘Send Invites’ and they’ll get an invite from you.

How to make updates to your Facebook page

You have a Facebook page but maybe you’re not entirely confident on how to make basic updates, add posts, photos, videos or links.

Well, I have a video here which can help you whether using a desktop or phone:

It’s that simple. I recommend starting to update every day (even just in the beginning) to get used to how everything works.

Now you’re up and running!

That’s not the short and trimmed version, but it covers the important steps not to be overlooked when creating a Facebook Page.

It gets easier and easier the more you do it and it’s a powerful tool once you get posting consistently 4 or more times a week.

I hope you found that useful.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading and watching!