Ever opened up Facebook to find someone sent you a message 9 hours ago?

You really wished you could have responded or at least given them some information about when you’ll be able to chat.  It’s good customer service.

The good news is that Facebook now have this feature, and I’ve put together a video showing you just how to do it!  

Check out the videos below:

Set up an Auto-Responder for Facebook Messenger

Watch on YouTube

It’s quite simply to setup, once you find the Auto Responder section, find the feature you want to use and fill out the options.

To find the ‘Auto Responder’ section:

  • On Desktop (classic User interface): Open your page, on the left menu under ‘Meta Business Suite’, hit ‘Inbox’, then ‘Automated Responses’ on the inbox page.
  • On Desktop (new layout / page experience): In the left menu, under ‘Professional Tools’, hit ‘Professional Dashboard’ then on the next page the ‘Messaging Settings’ in the left menu.
  • On Phone: Use the Meta Business Suite App, head to Inbox, then the top right button with the two chat bubbles.

I highly recommend looking into this section yourself or check out the video for a more in-depth instructional. Simply find the option you want to use, activate, set up the various options you have and type out your custom message.

Now you’re set!

You’re page will now send the greeting/message you’ve set up! thanks for reading and as usual – feel free to leave a comment below!

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