17 Tips to reach 1000 YouTube Subscribers

So, I have good news – my YouTube channel just hit it’s first 1000 Subscribers!

How did I do it?

Well, I followed some tips and guidelines and basically – they worked.

I know, 1000 subs isn’t a huge deal. But If you’re a creator trying to reach that first 1000 it can seem like a struggle. The good news is, it seems to get easier and things seem to snowball as you keep creating.

Basically, I’ve been active on YouTube for years but have only been trying to actually grow the channel’s subscriber base the past 18 months or so. So I did the research and focused on the things that made sense, flowing over from some of my background in blogging and social media.

So I thought I’d share the tips and methods I personally used to get there.

These tips aren’t fancy. They’re not rocket science and they can be considered the basics. But these are the basics that if followed, can get you through so you can refocus and aim for the next goal – 10,000, 100,000 or even 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers – regardless, you have to reach 1000 first.

So let’s get into it.

I’ve put together this video discussing some of the main points, before we go into the more expansive, full list below.

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Publish Consistently

Look, I don’t know if the YouTube algorithm cares about consistency (or even feels emotion), I don’t even think it’s a big deal on a technical level but one thing is for sure – consistency gets results.

I love the saying “Consistency trumps intensity”

Going hard for 3 months is great during those 3 months, but then you stop, drop off and you only get so far before your progress halts altogether and you stop getting new subscribers. Consistency means you keep moving and don’t stop, eventually creating more work that is higher quality than if you rush it in an intense manner.

Here’s a few reasons why consistency does will get you more YouTube Subscribers:

  • Consistent publishing forces you to keep creating videos. The more videos you have, the more opportunities people have to find you
  • If you publish frequently, you have a better chance for subscribers will come back for more, ranking your videos higher.
  • The more you work on your craft of video making, the better your videos will become and therefore, the better they’ll perform.

If you maintain a solid consistency, like anything in life, you’ll yield great results and more subscribers for your channel.

Ask people to comment, like and subscribe

You want people to like your videos, you want them to comment and you obviously want them to subscribe or you wouldn’t be reading a post about reaching 1000 YouTube Subscribers.

You should try to ask people to do these things whilst they’re watching your video. So mention it at the start, or the end or even after you released a good nugget of information.

Here’s why:

  • Viewers may not have thought to like, comment or subscribe, prompting them puts the idea in their head.
  • Asking in a fun and nice way might be the push they need if they’re undecided.
  • Giving a viewee a reason to act and that may also help them decide. Think of things like ‘To see more videos on this topic, please subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified when videos come out!’
  • Ask a question and direct the audience to the comments to answer. You’ve just given them a reason to comment! Many won’t comment if they don’t have anything to say. Ask a specific question such as “Who is your favourite Ninja Turtle? Tell me in the comments below” to get people interacting.

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Create Custom Video Thumbnails

Don’t simply pick a screenshot supplied by YouTube, go into Photoshop or Canva and create a video thumbnail!

The reason you want to do this is that your video will be competing with others in search and have to stand out among that competition. Adding an eye-catching thumbnail with enticing text gives it a lot more power and draws the eye more – which leads to more views.

More views = more YouTube subscribers!

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This is one tip I wouldn’t ignore and all of the top YouTubers have been doing this for years!

Good branding

Proper consistent branding

Branding is essential for creating a presence for any business or group.

So head to your channel and deck it out completely. Add your logo or photo to the ID picture, in your channel art and fill it out with a channel trailer and playlists to really populate your channel and make sure it’s all branded with a consistent look. Then carry this look through to your videos.

This means consistency in:

  • Use of colors
  • use of fonts
  • using your logo and brand elements

This will make it easier for people to recognize your look, style and get used to you, building trust and becoming more likely to subscribe.

Find the Optimal length for your videos

I create the occasional 5 minute video, and sometimes a longer one that goes for almost an hour but my best performing content is 10 – 20 minutes long.

This video length is what worked for me, it’s still short but long enough to pack some value into. You should really test this over time though to see what works for you.

You don’t want to cut out vital information create short videos or stuff your videos with valueless fluff to make it longer though. So consider breaking up videos into smaller topics if they end up too long, or combining shorter videos into more complete, longer videos covering more surrounding topics if you’re keen to get the video length optimized.

Focus on content and topics that perform well

It’s simple, create a number of videos, review their performance and update your plan. You can use your analytics to see how many views, watch time and number of subscribers come in on each video.

I talk a lot about blogging and WordPress on my channel, and those videos do well. However, my videos on social media do a LOT better. I only have a handful of social media videos so I’m working on more to take advantage of the fact that my channel does well with social media videos.

If you are new and have very few videos, just get started. Once you have 20 videos, take a look and see which topics work best – then increase the videos on that topic and decease the underperforming topics. Check back after another 10 videos and keep optimizing.

Become very well acquainted with your YouTube Analytics to get more subscribers.

Give people what they want for more subscribers

Deliver value, give people what they want, not what you want!

Many people start doing blogging, YouTubing or Pdocasting to talk about what they want and wonder why they don’t do well.

Viewers on YouTube literally have millions of options, so you need to create something people actually want to watch! Get into the heads of your viewers and give them what they want if you want them to become subscribers.

Some examples of how to do this:

  • Ask them to comment on your video with what they’d like to see next
  • Check your analytics to see what people subscribed from so you can give them more videos around that topic. (as mentioned above)
  • See what questions people are asking on social media or sites like Quora. Create videos solving those problems
  • Think about your experience and solve issues you think others will run into or may be experiencing

Work out what people want and deliver it.

Share videos on social media

You just created a video and published it, why aren’t you telling people about it?

Share your video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or anywhere people will listen! You will get more views, and even improve YouTube’s ranking factors for that video and perform better in search.

Create a promotion plan for your videos so you know exactly where to go after you publish.

Respond to Comments

Interact and reply to comments

People are commenting on your videos? That’s awesome.

Make sure you respond to them, keep the conversation going so that they get used to it and comment more in the future! Also, it’s kinda crummy when you comment on someone’s video or post and they just don’t answer (unless they have hundreds of comments to sift through).

So reply to comments, interact and network with people who watch your videos. As you do this your network will become more personal, people will get to know you and your connection with your audience will only get stronger!

This means more interaction, better ranking, and therefore more subs!

Focus on YouTube SEO

This topic could use it’s own post and video, but I’ll try to summarize my knowledge or it so you can get started.

My YouTube SEO process is:

  1. Do some Keyword Research (search YouTube, and check the suggested searches that pop up underneath the search bar)
  2. Pop a number of keywords/phrases into a notepad file (10 – 15)
  3. Paste them into the description and into tags
  4. Pick a primary keyword phrase to use in your video title and first sentence of your description

Power it up by using the free VidIQ Extension.

After you install it, you can perform a search on YouTube and it gives you a quick look at the kind of traffic a search term gets, the competition and even some suggested tags you can use (among other things).

Then when you edit your videos you also get this awesome SEO panel, which gives you a score on how well optimized your video is for YouTube SEO, with actionable tips you can use to improve your score and, therefore, your rank in YouTube search.

VidIQ is incredibly handy for YouTube SEO and it’s free. Check it out!

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Create playlists

You discuss a variety of topics within your niche, right?

Create playlists for each topic. Order them in a way that makes sense and you will give people the option to watch many of your videos in a row, increasing the chance of a sub.

YouTube also often uses playlists to figure out what video to offer next, so it also helps you automatically, especially if you use the ‘This video is part of a series’ function on your playlist.

Again, the more people see of your high-quality videos, the more subscribers you’ll get!

Add end screens to your videos

So you finally get people watching the entirety of your videos, nice work! Now what?

Maybe the person viewing your video will go watch someone else’s videos, or just leave. You want to give them something else of yours to watch. Keep them watching your videos!

Create an Endscreen for your video! Here’s how to do it.

So add in Videos and playlists to get people watching more of your content. The better this works the better your videos will perform in general. This will grow your channel if you do it well!

Embed videos into blog posts

If you run a blog, embed that YouTube video into a blog post.

You can write up a comprehensive post which covers the info in text, so that way your blog SEO can bring more people to your video – or simply introduce the video in a post designed simply to house it.

Either way, you create a new avenue for people to find your video and your channel. A bonus tip is to add a link to your channel underneath the video so people can easily subscribe.

Here’s how to embed your video into a blog post.

Make your audio clear!

Have high quality audio

If your video looks like crap, that’s OK – just make sure people can hear what it is you’re saying!

Good audio means people understand you, so make sure you speak clearly in your videos and use high-quality microphone to record your YouTube Videos.

I use a Canon Rebel T7i DSLR Camera (a cheap but high quality camera) with a lavalier mic that clips to my shirt (and plugs directly into the camera). You can also use a shotgun Mic on your camera or a USB Mic on your computer if you don’t intend on filming yourself.

This is a big one! Don’t ignore audio quality in your YouTube Videos.

Cut out the fluff

Don’t talk about unnecessary, boring stuff in your videos, keep it on topic.

People come to you to get what they want and nothing else, so deliver a video packed with substance and information, no fluff, and they will come back for more.

Don’t beat around the bush, get to the point.

Be presentable and confident

If you film yourself for your videos, make sure you look the part.

Keep your clothes and general attire presentable. Brush your teeth, shave, wear your makeup, whatever it is you do to look good. Do it!

Back that up with confidence and charisma. Speak clearly and confidently to your audience and try not to do say ‘um’ and ‘ah’ too much (like I do). Chin up, chest out, good posture and talk with authority so people will take you seriously.

Tell your family, friends and network about your YouTube channel

You have friends and family so, if you’re comfortable, send them a link to your channel and ask them to subscribe.

You will get a few initial subs and they may like your videos and through their interaction, help you grow and reach more people.

Never underestimate your existing network to help you grow to the next stage and get to that 1000 subscriber mark.

Take action, start making YouTube Videos to get 1000 Subscribers.

You’ve got some guidance, now take some action!

Start working on improving your channel using the above tips. It doesn’t need to be perfect though, just create, do your best and get your videos out there for YouTube to find.

The more you practice the better you’ll get, so don’t hesitate.

On that note, if you have a YouTube Channel you’re trying to get to 1000 subscribers, let us know about it in the comments below. Give us the name of your channel, what it’s about and a link, I’d love to check it out :)

Otherwise, thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

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