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Want more views on your YouTube videos?

Well, you need to invest a couple of minutes into creating an End Screen for each of your YouTube Videos.

How does it work exactly? What does it do?

Imagine you’re watching someone’s video. When it finishes it simply starts playing the next video or you just go elsewhere looking for more information.

That YouTube channel just got one view.

Add in a Video End screen. This time, the video finishes and you create a clickable video card that goes to another video or even better – a complete playlist!

The person watching that video clicks the playlist and they’re now on a binge watch of a bunch of your videos in an order per-determined by you.

That’s 5, 10, 20 or more views from that first YouTube video!

You have drastically multiplied your views with this one, simple tool!

How do I create an ‘End Screen’?

Well, I have a video below that shows you along with some basic notes underneath. It goes through the process step by step.

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It’s pretty simple. Here’s where you can find these options

Note: I still recommend watching the video for a more direct look at how it works.

Below is where you can find the panels to set these up on your video (using desktop).

When you upload your video, there’s a tab you’ll eventually reach called ‘Video Elements’ – there’ you’ll see the ‘Add an endscreen’ option and the ‘Add Cards’ option. You can simply click ‘Add’ on either option and get started.

If your’re adjusting an older video, you’ll see the options on the right side bar, ‘Endscreen’ and ‘Cards’. Click either to get started!

Adjusting your Endscreen

You can see a series of templates on the left, you can pick one of these and switch out the elements you want by clicking on them. Alternative you can click ‘+ Element’ to add in a fresh element or simply duplicate the screen from another video by clicking ‘Import Video’.

You can add/switch:

  • Video/s
  • Playlist/s
  • Channel Link
  • External URL to Website.

You can adjust the timing on the timeline at the bottom, which allows you to edit the final 20 seconds of the video. You can also resize elements or move them by click on them in the preview (on the right).

When done, click ‘Save’ top right!

Adding Video Cards

This process is quite simple. You can add:

  • Video/s
  • Playlist/s
  • Channel Link
  • External URL to Website.

If the above options aren’t displaying, click ‘+Card’ (Top left), choose your card type and fill in the fields. It’s hand yo to know, that the ‘Teaser Text’ is the text showing on the video before a user clicks the card, the ‘Custom Message’ changes text on the slide out section that appears once it’s clicked.

You can enter the time you want the card to appear above these fields, or move the pointer on the timeline at the bottom. The whole time you can check the preview on the right to make sure you’re happy.

As before, when done click ‘Save’!

You can take this all to the next level by creating an image or video to go behind the End Screen.

You can also use an editor to make your end screen video to get results pretty quickly.

That’s How I do it!

There’s more than one way to do this, but that’s the method I prefer.

A great way to start is to pick your 10 most viewed videos and adding end screens to those, linking off to playlists relevant to the video. You will have a higher chance of getting more ‘binge watchers’ if your content is high quality.

I hope you found that useful! If you want more info like this, please consider subscribing. If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for dropping by!