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So you’re keen to get started and reach more people using YouTube?  You’re going to need your own YouTube channel.

Below I’ll show you how to get started by creating your own Channel and uploading your first video. It’s quite an easy process, so below I’ve created a few videos written steps below showing you how.

Also, I have added contents below so that you can skip ahead to where you need to go if you’re already partway through the process.

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Also, if you’re looking for more YouTube tutorials, check out our resource page here!

So, let’s get started!

Sign up and activate your channel

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Click Here to see the Channel Art Template

Sign up for YouTube

You may already have a YouTube account or gmail address, if not then you need to sign up. Here’s how:

  1. Head to
  2. Click the Blue ‘Sign in’ Button top right
  3. Sign in with your Gmail, or Create a Gmail Account on the sign in page (click ‘create account’ at the bottom).
  4. You’re now signed up for YouTube!

Setup Your Channel

Now that you’re signed up, head to your creator’s studio. 

You can do this by going to the top right icon (next to the bell) and clicking it.  This creates a drop-down menu, from there click “Creator Studio”.

Click Creator Studio
Create your Channel

After that you’ll be taken to your studio, now click “Create a Channel”.

You then get a choice to create a Channel in your own name, or you can use a business name.  I recommend most people click “Use a Business or other Name” so you can use a unique name.

use a business name

Then enter your business name on the next page, click ‘Create’ and you’re done.  The channel has been created!

Customize your Channel

You don’t want your channel looking too boring, so we’re going to add some branding.  go to the top left hamburger menu (3 lines, next to the YouTube logo), then click “My Channel”.

Click "My Channel"

Now we can add Channel Art – click the blue “Add Channel Art” button to upload an image, but there’s a little bit involved in designing channel art. Below is a little information:

Recommended Size: 2560 x 1440 pixels

Take note of the heavy cropping with YouTube Channel Art. See below:

This means you need to keep the design large but all important information within a small central area that is 1546 x 423px. I recommend checking out the resources below to get this one right.

Templates & Resources for you:

You can use Photoshop, or even Canva (which is free)  to design your channel art.  Just upload the JPG template above, design over it and delete it before inserting your background.  Easy!

Next Upload a square Channel ID Photo.

It can be a photo, logo or whatever you feel looks best. I have a Photoshop Tutorial you may want to check out here. 

Just hover over the Channel Icon and click the pencil button.

ID Photo

You’ll be told your icon is linked to a brand account, click the blue edit button and upload your image on the next page that appears (it will open in a new tab). Once it’s been uploaded, close the tab and go back to YouTube.

Refresh the page to see your icon.  If it doesn’t appear it may take some time.

Finally, click the “Channel Description” button to add your channel description.

channel is complete

You channel has been created!

How to Upload your first video

At the top of the screen is a symbol of a line, with an arrow pointing up, click on it!

upload icon

Then simply click the text “Select files to upload” – you can’t miss it!  Find your video on your computer and upload it!

Your video will start uploading, this may take some time depending on the size of your video and your internet connection (minutes, hours a full day in some cases!).  So give it a title, fill out the description and insert some tags (basically keywords) that describe the video.

Once it’s uploaded and finished processing, change the video thumbnail at the bottom of the page.  Upload an image roughly 1920 x 1080px, you’re all set!

Here’s a tutorial on how to Create YouTube Video Thumbnail in Photoshop

You can always go back to edit your video settings.

Simply head back to your creator studio just like we did at the beginning of this whole tutorial, from there you will find a lit of your videos and a video manager.  You can go in and update video settings, titles, descriptions, etc at any time.

You’re ready to roll!

So now all you need to do is get busy and start creating! If you create on your phone, you can download the YouTube app and upload through that too.

I also recommend sharing your videos on your blog, I put together a quick video showing you how:

Disclaimer: By watching this video you consent to the use of YouTube’s Cookies.

If you still use the classic editor, try this video instead.

Also, if you’re looking for more YouTube tutorials, check out our resource page here!

I hope you found this useful. If you have created your own YouTube Channel (with this tutorial or not) please share it in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day :)