Facebook Cover Photo Design

Is your Facebook Page looking it’s strongest? Do you have a strong Facebook Cover Photo Design?

When someone first visits your Facebook page, there’s a few things that will help them figure out whether to follow or bounce.

The main thing people check is your content, but the first thing they’re likely to see is that big image sitting at the top is your Cover Photo!

Visual media is design to grab attention, that’s what this Cover image is for – it’s literally like a book cover fo your Facebook page!

So below I cover some tips to get your cover image working for you and converting visitors into followers or even customers!

Use Strong, Consistent branding

A good logo and consistent branding is the visual language that connects a user to your page or business. A solid, professional image sells how serious you are and can help people to trust you more.

Keeping your brand consistent with everything you do will help create a familiarity that will help relax people so they are ready to spend money or take action with what you’re offering.

Update your Facebook Cover Photo Regularly

Keep things fresh. Sure, new visitors may only see it once but if your Facebook Cover photo design has up-to-date and relevant information or imagery, your page will be perceived as up to date.

Conversely, an out-of-date looking will have people thinking you don’t update.

Also, when you update this image it will appear the feed of those who follow you. So it’s handy for a multitude of reasons. Like the following point.

Use your Cover image for events and announcements

So people will see this image when they land and it will appear in their feed when you update it. So use that opportunity to talk about what’s going on with your page or business.

Have an event coming up? Advertise it there.

Holding a sale? Design an announcement.

Announcing anything new or exciting? Let people know with this visual asset.

This helps connect people to what’s happening, you can then follow it up with the next tip.

Use a Call to Action

When people look at your Facebook Cover Photo Design, they’re going to absorb a little information. Steer them toward taking an action which benefits both of you.

You can ask people to do any of the following:

  • Like or follow your page
  • Share your page
  • Offer a Lead Magnet and send them to an Email Opt in (powerful)
  • Come see you at your business’ physical address
  • Make a booking
  • Offer a quote
  • Send a message
  • The list goes on!

You can divert people to your Facebook page button and link them to wherever the CTA needs to take them. Let your Facebook page work for you.

Know the specs

You need to keep your Cover Image at a decent resolution and the right proportion. So you need to make sure you have the specifications of the image correct.

Make your image 1920px (wide) x 1080px (tall).

There are a few things to be aware of though, like the next point. But you can learn more about correctly setting up your Facebook Cover Photo Design by checking out this post here.

Design for crop

Facebook will display your image at a different shape on a desktop computer as it does on a phone.

Some imagery and information gets cut off!

It’s important to crop any important information or elements 184px from the top and bottom. Again more information here!

Use a focal point

Have one single point in your image that is designed to draw attention.

We are all habitually distracted by certain things, which you want to include in your image. They’re on y our page so you need to draw their eye with an interesting image, bright colors or bold wording.

Once you’ve drawn them in, educate them and offer that Call to Action.


Don’t go too cluttered. Too many objects and too much text will only be confusing and leave people with no clear direction on where to look.

Once you have made your image, take a look at it and be really brutal about what gets to stay. Cut down, refine and simplify until there’s no mistake about where to look.

Only keep what is useful.

Represent what the page is about visually

If possible, use imagery to represent what you do, it will be processed much quicker than text. However, you can refine text by using dot points and short phrases to the same effect.

People are repelled by bodies of text as reading is mental work.

Don’t make people work, keep it simple, keep it visual and make it work.

Make it so interesting that people will share it

If you can make your image so visual, compelling and even offer up something intriguing, people may share it or your page with their friends.

That’s easy growth!

People are on Facebook to be social and share things they like. So do your best to understand your audience and cater them in your Facebook Cover Photo Design.

We can help, and it’s free!

We know this is a lot to take in and make work, luckily I’ve got something that may help. Some templates you can download, customise and use for free.

We offer these 3 templates for free, or you can see our premium range.

Download our Facebook Cover Photo Design templates

Photoshop is required, but the templates themselves can be found here.

Otherwise, I hope you found these tips useful. If youhave any tips you;d like to add,please leave a comment below.

Thanks for dropping by, have a great day!