So you’ve started a Facebook page?

So you kept it pretty basic, right? You filled out some of the main fields and moved on? Well, you could be missing out on some really key areas that can help grow your page.

So you need to optimize your page so that your audience can find it easier and be more likely to interact.

This leads to more likes, follows, shares and sales.

Note: there is a PDF checklist at the bottom of this post.

What are these optimizations you need to make?

I’m glad you asked :)

Below is a video covering these tips but also each one is written out beneath for convenience.

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Uploading a logo or great ID photo

We’re starting with the basics here, you need an ID Photo, but here’s the thing – a lot of people upload very poor images!

If you have a very recognizable logo that will be recognisable in a small circular space, then use it. If you’re a personality then a head shot of you would be best. Don’t make yourself too small as you’ll just look like a a tiny body in the distance. Make sure you’ll be recogonizable.

Step it up by making it a high-quality image and if it is a headshot you are using, you could put a bright background or something in there to have it stand out a bit. You learn how to easily cut out your head in a photo here (using Photoshop).

Hover over your ID Image and a button will appear to allow you to change it!

Facebook Cover image

An Effective Cover Image

While we’re looking at the images on your profile, let’s look at your cover image.

Make sure you create an eye-catching cover image that has information about your page, a call to action and contact details on it (if applicable). This acts like a business card of sorts and give you the opportunity to catch people’s eye whilst giving them the information you want them to have.

I have a photoshop tutorial showing you to do this along with some free templates you can download here.

Check out our Photoshop Template Pack for Facebook here!

Once your image is ready to upload, hover over your Cover Image and a button will appear to allow you to change it!

Set up your Call to Action Button

Facebook provide you with an easy to setup button on your page.

Since you are using a good cover image to let people know about you and how they can contact you, remove that barrier of inconvenience by directing them to the button you page!

There’s a few options you can set up (just click the button to edit it), most of them work by popping in a simple URL:

  • Send them to an online store to buy a gift voucher
  • Order food on your website
  • Make a booking (you can even do this right on Facebook! No website needed)
  • Call them on the phone (simple phone link for your smart phone)
  • Send them to your contact page
  • Send a message in messager
  • Send an email
  • Learn more / sign up options let you send them to a URL for that purpose
  • Show a video or send them to an online game

From that it’s very easy to give people the easy option for them to act in a way you prefer.

Fill out your Page Info

If someone lands on your page and cannot find the information they’re after, they may just bounce.

On your left panel, go into your ‘Settings’ and then into ‘Page Info’ and fill out as much as you possibly can but leave out any contact information you’d rather they not have. This gives people the information they’re after and makes your page function and perform much more efficiently for people.

Add a Username

If you have more than 25 fans you can add a username!

You can do this by heading into your page info (see the previous tip) and changing the ‘username’ field. You’ll then be able to share your address more easily.

Without a username your Facebook page URL is long, packed with a bunch of random numbers and more difficult to advertise. Adding a username makes it simple and easy to remember – appearing much like: facebook.com/(whatever your username is)

For example, my username is ‘creatorimpact’so my Facebook page URL is www.facebook.com/creatorimpact. Easy to remember, and easier for people to tag a page with as they can simply type ‘@’ followed by your username (eg. @creatorimpact.) into their posts or comments.

A Facebook username is a powerful feature for your social media marketing!

Keywords in your Page Name

Have Keywords in your Page Name

You have a business name, but does it describe what you do?

If not you could consider adding keywords into your page name so that people can find you in Facebook search! This will help you to be more easily discovered in search.

This tip depends on personal preference though as you may not like your name being loner and seemingly less impactful, so you do need to weigh it up.

Setup Messenger Auto Responder

If your page takes off people may start messaging you at all hours and days when you simply cannot respond.

Setup a Facebook Page autoresponder for messager so you can respond to people automatically when you’re not there, greet them with a message or even put a few frequently asked questions there with answers.

There is a tonne of options and it will save you time, connect with your audience and everything will run smoother for all people involved.

Check out my tutorial on the Facebook Auto Responder here.

Use Your Facebook Insights and Make Adjustments

Learn how to navigate through your Facebook insights to work out who your audience is, when they’re online and the posts they seem to respond best to.

This will help you to refine what it is you post so you get better engagement and growth on your page. You can find ‘Insights’ on the left panel when viewing your page on desktop,

Reorganise Your Tabs

Your tabs are usually just plopped on there in no particular order on your page. So people may be missing out on areas of your page which have the best stuff!

Identify which tabs are most important and get those in first so people are more likely to see them as you can only see a small number of them before they are hidden in a drop down menu.

On my web design page, I put photos very close to first so people are inclined to check out the portfolio items I post. Is there a similar situation for you?

Head to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Templates and Tabs’ to reorder your page tabs.

Buffer Schedule

Be Consistent and Schedule Posts

Remembering to post is difficult, especially when you’re busy. So set a schedule or even post automatically!

Plan out your social media schedule, then either make sure you post natively yourself on time, every time or make it easy on your self by doing it within Facebook or on a tool like Buffer.

Consistency will help keep people engaged and aware of your brand, making them more likely to act or buy.

Post More Images and Videos

What posts perform the best on Facebook? Visuals.

So post more images and videos to get the attention of your audience. If you’re sharing a link, share an image instead and say ‘link is in the comments’, then pop the link into the comments section of the post. This will help you reach more people algorithmically.

It seems that Facebook pushes images and videos more, so take advantage in order to reach more people!

Check ‘Page Quality’

Occasionally, head into your page sidebar/settings and click ‘Page Quality’, make sure you have no violations to restrictions. If you have issues, you should address them to protect your page.

This also tells you if you’re doing anything Facebook doesn’t like and therefore you can stop doing it!

Getting spam? Disable Visitor posts or Review Them First

Yeah, people can post to your page – unless you disable that option.

So if you get people spamming your page or saying less then desirable things, you can simply disable visitor posts or simply review those posts before they go public.

Choose which option you prefer under ‘Settings’ and ‘Visitor Posts’.

Consider Turning off tagging Ability

If you turn ‘Tagging Ability’ in your settings, people can tag themselves in your photos.

I’ve personally seen this used more for spam than anything else so I usually turn it off. I would recommend making up your own mind or even turning it on and testing it over time.

Allow People to Tag Your Page

This will be turned on by default, but just check and make sure it is turned on so people can post about you and tag you.

When someone tags your page in their post, you name becomes a clickable link that leads people to your page, making it easier to grow and get more followers. Of course, this can be an issue if people are tagging you in spammy or negative posts, that would be then become the time to turn this off.

This is also under ‘Settings’ then under ‘Others Tagging this page’.

Set up Page Moderation/Profanity filter

If people are swearing or using bad language when commenting on your posts, then that can have a negative effect on your brand.

So under ‘Settings’…

‘Page Moderation’ lets you add in words that cannot be used in your comments without the comment being rejects.

‘Profanity Filter’ will automatically filter our curse words from your comments and reject the comment.

This can help keep your page just a bit more squeaky clean from poor language!


I hope these basics have helped you!

These are all standards features and easily to implement, but I highly recommend considering each one to have a more complete and better performing Facebook page.

There is more you can do beyond basic settings such as coming up with a content strategy and really finetuning your content to your audience, but we’ll explore that in a future post.

If you need it, I have created a PDF Checklist you can download.

Otherwise, if you have a tip not shared here, please leave it in a comment below! Help other people who are reading this post.

Otherwise thanks for reading and have a great day!