Sometimes the little differences can make an impact – especially in Social Media marketing.

When you start a Facebook page to promote your business or website, it’s tough to stand out among the competition.  So little edges like a header video or header slideshow on your Facebook page can really grab attention.

As with most things Facebook, it’s dead easy!

Here’s how to do it

Below I’ve put together a video walking you through the process.  All you need to do is access your Facebook page. In the top left corner of your header image is a camera icon you can click and the options will show up!

You can add in any kind of image, but a catch photo or something well designed is recommended. Check out our guide to Social Media image sizes for more info.

But just in case you need to exactly how it works, here’s the video showing you how.

Watch on YouTube

It’s that easy, really!

This is a really handy way to have that nice edge on most Facebook pages. A video gives you endless possibilities of the things you can promote on your page, while a slideshow allows you the opportunity to mix things up and send several messages.

I hope you find that one useful. As always leave a comment if there’s anything you’d like to add!

Check out our Photoshop Template Pack for Facebook here!