Where to Download Social Media Icons & Logos

Looking for a social media icon/logo?

Things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tik Tok?

Well, I have some sources below for you that you can use for your designs and imagery online.

Now there’s plenty of shabby social media icons out there that’s aren’t exactly right, so I have research and did my best to find the official Brand Materials to make sure you’re not getting dud files.I found good copies where official sources could not be found.

So, here they are!

Download sources for Social Media Logos


These are the official Brand Assets for Instagram, including IGTV and other icons used on their platform.

Official Brand Assests: https://en.instagram-brand.com/assets/icons


Facebook is one of the most used logo in business trying to get people onto their page. So naturally, Facebook steps up and takes control of the quality of the branding going out by supplying the files you need. Also for Messenger,

Facebook Main Logo / Official Brand Assests: https://en.facebookbrand.com/facebookapp/

Messenger Logo / Official Brand Assests: https://en.facebookbrand.com/messenger/assets/messenger-zh-hant?audience=messenger-landing

Check out our Photoshop Template Pack for Facebook here!


WhatsApp offer a number of logo variations for download on their page.

Official Brand Assests: https://whatsappbrand.com/


Twitter also offer an official Brand Assets page you can download social icons from along with their brand guide.

Official Brand Assests: https://about.twitter.com/en_us/company/brand-resources.html


YouTube have a simple page with their full logo and also the icon itself.

Official Brand Assests: https://www.youtube.com/about/brand-resources


LInked In also offer their logos for download, very simple download page with a few guidelines underneath.

Official Brand Assests: https://brand.linkedin.com/downloads


WordPress offer more than I expected, with a full logo, text only and emblem only options.

Official Brand Assests: https://wordpress.org/about/logos/


You can download the Ghost only, but better than nothing!

Official Brand Assests: https://support.snapchat.com/en-US/a/ghost-logo-usage


I could not find a Brand Assets Page for TikTok but did find a good unofficial version you can use. Seek Logo is plastered with ads though and several download buttons to confuse you – hit the ‘Download Vector’ Button.

Unofficial Logo Download: https://seeklogo.com/vector-logo/373800/tiktok-app-icon


The basic Pinterest emblem is available here from their official assets page.

Official Brand Assests: https://business.pinterest.com/en/pinterest-brand-guidelines


Some options here if you run a Tumblr blog.

Official Brand Assests: https://www.tumblr.com/logo


Surprisingly, I found good logos difficult on PayPal so I opted to share the unofficial source. Seek Logo is plastered with ads though and several download buttons to confuse you – hit the ‘Download Vector’ Button.

Unofficial Logo Download: https://seeklogo.com/vector-logo/336407/paypal

Am I Missing any?

Leave a comment below and when I update this post I’ll link it up. I hope you found this useful, have a great day!