If you’re new to WordPress and WordPress themes, you may be wondering, “just how the hell do I upload a premium or downloaded theme?”

Well, it’s easy, and I’ve even got a backup for you if the first method doesn’t work.

So I created some videos below showing you how to do each option.

So here’s how.

Upload through WordPress

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This is really easy.

  1. Hover over “Appearance” in your dashboard, then click  “Themes” when the menu appears.
  2. Once the page loads, click the button “Add New” up the top.
  3. Once the next page loads, click the button “Upload Theme”, then “Choose File”
  4. Find the Zip file your Theme came in, and upload it by clicking “Install Now”
  5. The theme will install, once it has, you can activate the theme by clicking “Activate”
    or you can go to the Themes menu at a later date and activate any installed theme by clicking the “activate” button sitting with it.

That’s it!

But what if that doesn’t work?

Upload via FTP

For this step to work, you’ll need to download and install an FTP program, I recommend CoreFTP (it’s Free).

All you need to do is unzip the files with your Theme, and upload to your website’s public html folder/wp-content/themes – then upload your unzipped folder into that location.

Now there’s a lot to this step.  You’ll need FTP info from your hosting provider.

Here’s the video showing you how to do it.

Once the theme files have been uploaded, you can go to your Themes page (Appearance -> Themes) and activate your uploaded theme.

That should do the trick!

That’s how you upload a premium WordPress Theme.  Pretty easy isn’t it?

Once you’ve got this setup, you can start customizing your theme and site design.

Thanks for reading, any questions or feedback just leave a comment below!

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