The Gutenberg Block Editor for WordPress is here to stay.

To many (but not all), it is a great improvement on what we had before, adding functionality and more options into the content creation side of WordPress.

But there was still a few things missing, imagine you could add more blocks to Gutenberg? Well you can!

Enter ‘Ultimate Blocks’

One such plugin that adds some really handy blocks to your editor is Ultimate Blocks, a free plugin you can search for within your WordPress site!

Simply by installing the Ultimate Blocks plugin, a number of blocks appear in the editor, it’s that simple.

Here’s a look at some of the blocks:

But what do they do?

I’m glad you asked! :P

I created this not so short video which goes through and test out every single block. Get comfy though, this one goes for a while!

Watch on YouTube

It’s a pretty awesome addition to Gutenberg and one I’ve started using. If you want to install Ultimate Blocks on your WordPress website, search for it under you ‘Add Plugin’ page or download it here.

I hope you found this video useful. Leave a below if there’s anything else you’d like me to check out in the near future :)