Top WordPress Theme Bundles

Sometimes it;s tough to get your website right with only one Theme. So why not get a WordPress Theme Bundle?

Avoiding a crappy design is vital if you want to escape the ‘amateur’ or ‘cheap’ stigma certain websites project.If you want a high quality design with hardly any time being spent on it – getting a quality Premium WordPress Theme is your best bet.

But why spend a chunk of money to get only one theme, just to find out you really don’t like it a month or two down the track.  Why not spend a similar amount of money and get a bundle of themes you can test out, try and experiment with?

This is perfect if you run a web design company and want to use pre-designed themes to speed up the design process.

Any ideas you have for a design will more than likely be available prepackaged for you to apply a few tweaks to.

So, let’s get down to it. 

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission

Get the best ‘Bang for your Buck’ with a WordPress Theme Bundle

Where do you find the best value Theme packages for the least amount of money?  Below I’ve put together a list you can use as a resource to explore.

There are a tonne of options out there but I want to weed out the less reputable companies and deliver only the best, so you can rest assured that any you may choose to purchase from are top quality. Some packages out there look good on paper until you view their themes, with out-dated designs or much of the same just in repetition.

The following Theme Bundles are:

  • Good Value for your money
  • Have a proven track record
  • Perform Well
  • Have a number of attractive adn effective designs available
  • Are responsive for use on PDF, Phone or Tablet.

Please note, a lot of the links below are affiliate links I earn a commission from upon purchase.  However, quality and value are the reason they made the list, I stand by my recommendations!

Tesla Themes $99+

TeslaThemes - Theme Bundles for WordPress

Tesla Themes is a company that has a terrific variety of modern themes with crisp and clean design.

They Have themes targeted at blogs, woocommerce site, small business sites and a tonne of of other categories

The Tesla Themes bundle pack has some of the classiest and most elegant Themes on this list.

You can expect all of the usual here, lightweight themes with responsive design.  Because a lot of the designs are very visual, you can quite quickly change the visual impact of the design by changing a few images and colors.

What to expect:

  • $99 for 68 Themes$1.46 per theme
  • Open License  – use on your websites and on your clients’ websites.

Tesla Also have a solid support program and extensive documentation with their themes.

The variety is outstanding, despite the comparatively low number of themes compared to the above bundles. I highly recommend having a look at their range!

Check out Tesla Themes

CSS Igniter $69+

CSS Igniter

Get your hands on 83 themes for $69 – this is a terrific open if you need to keep costs down.

CSS Igniter have been around for quite some time and are still going strong.

CSS Igniter offers clean-cut but bold and visual themes mixed with more minimalist designs all created to be responsive and work across multiple devices. There’s a nice variety of looks and purposes for each theme, so these guys are well worth a look.

Here’s what to expect:

  • $69 for 83 Themes  – 83 cents per theme
  • Open License – use on your websites and on your clients’ websites (included in price).

This is the cheapest theme package around with major bang for your buck.

Check out CSS Igniter

Ink Themes $147+

Ink Themes

Ok, take a seat (are you already sitting?), because this is a doozy.

Over 2000 WordPress Themes for $147.

Ink Themes is a popular WordPress Theme for a reason! They’re catering to a variety of users from bloggers to photographers, mechanics, restaurant owners or any small business, blog, big business or media company looking to get a powerful WordPress blog.

There’s a diverse range of visual themes and more text-based themes so you have a very broad spectrum to choose from. You can get lost for hours investigation this WordPress Theme bundle.

You can also make use of any of these WordPress themes for clients (if you’re a web designer or someone creating websites for others.)  It’s definitely a highly valuable package!

What to expect:

  • $147 for 2000+ Themes – 7 cents per theme
  • Open License – use on your websites and on your clients’ websites (included in price).

Check out Ink Themes

Themify $89+

Themify WordPress Theme Packages

Themify is another popular place to buy WordPress Theme bundles and packages.

Their bundle isn’t just packed with quick and disposable WordPress themes, but powerful themes such as Ultra, a customizable theme you can make your own and Themify Shoppe, which is built for E-commerce, along with a line up of impactful and visually compelling themes.

Their individual WordPress themes all have eye catching landing pages included which utilize imagery in a powerful way to grab the user’s eye.

But They further counter balance with magazine and blog layouts that bring a real diversity to wha tyou get in their Theme bundle.

This is a top spot if you’re looking for value and style.

What to expect:

  • $89 for 42 Themes – $2.11 per theme
  • Includes the Customizable Ultra Theme
  • Includes Themify Shoppe for Commerce websites
  • Hoem of the Themify Builder
  • Open License – use on your websites and on your clients’ websites (included in price).

There’s one big difference about Themify, each theme comes with the Themify builder which makes it easy to completely customize your website.

So you get the pre-designed theme but can take things a step further with this powerful customization tool!

This feature alone makes Themify one of the most attractive for people with multiple websites or specifically – website designers who work in WordPress.  You have access to 45 themes and you can customize them easily – it doesn’t get much better than that at $2.11 per theme.

Your license is open and perfect for use with clients.

Check out Themify

WP Zoom $99

WP Zoom

WP Zoom is growing in following also with their WordPress Theme Package with a host of benefits. The competition is heating up with a lot of WP Theme shops and WP Zoom is up there with what they offer!

These guys stand out me with Tesla Themes and Themify on this list as having some of the most high-impact designs in their themes.

With visual, image-based designs in their Themes, balanced out with magazine and other specific layouts you can use for a variety of website types.

What to expect:

  • $99 for 44 Themes – $2.25 per theme
  • Access to the customizable Presence Theme
  • Open License – use on your websites and on your clients’ websites (included in price).

Check out WP Zoom

Themeisle $160+

So this is one of the pricier packages out there, and you don’t get a tonne of themes either – but the WordPress Themes in this bundle are very well designed.

These themes are designed to be incredibly fast to load without sacrificing the look of your design. With themes for business and eCommerce in their pro selection, with highly customization features.

But the $160 only gets you 4 of their pro themes, the $232 package gets you 7. So man, it is costly!

What to expect:

  • $160 for 4 Themes – $40 per theme
  • $232 for 7 Themes $33.14 per theme
  • Very light weight, built for speed
  • Imrpessive visual layouts
  • Comoatible with most Page Builders
  • Open License – use on your websites and on your clients’ websites (included in price).

Check out ThemeIsle

Solostream $99+


Solostream has a nifty theme package with a variety of layout styles available. Some of these themes are a bit different to the rest of this list and could be what you’re after if you’re struggling to find what you really want.

They have a selection of flexible and visual WordPress themes with responsive design and a list of features.

What to expect:

  • $99 for 90 Themes – $1.10 per theme
  • Open License – use on your websites and on your clients’ websites (included in price).

Solostream isn’t my personal favorite, but check it out if you haven’t found anythign else on this page!

Check out Solostream

Cyberchimps $47


Cyberchimps Theme Club is one of the cheapest at $47, which includes a total of 37 themes & plugins. These guys offer a theme bundle which is really an excellent choice for a tight budget.

These guys are real bang for buck and offer some sharp looking themes in their package.

The themes look good, clean and neat and seem perfect for mostly corporate and business websites – with a few extras thrown in like photography, fitness and even a tattoo artist theme.

Overall it’s not bad, some high quality themes for a decent price in their Theme bundle.

What to expect:

  • $97 for 37 Themes – $2.62 per theme
  • Price also includes access to plugins & Portfolio Widgets
  • Open Licensee available ($97 pack) – use on your websites and on your clients’ websites.

Check out Cyberchimps

Can’t find what you need? Here’s an alternative…

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes - WordPress Themes & Plugins

Elegant Themes used to top this list list with almost 90 themes!

This was pure ‘bang for your buck’ value for anyone running a WordPress website… You’d pay less than a dollar per theme and use it on all of your websites, or even on your client’s websites.

But they took all of their themes down except for two – Divi and Extra. Both highly customizable themes but here’s the thing…

You have a tonne of layouts you can import, so it’s like having access to a pack of themes.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Divi & Extra Theme
  • A TONNE of predesigned and editable layouts
  • Open License – use on your websites and on your clients’ websites.

The Divi Theme is a highly Customizable Theme that comes with the package.  If you want to create extremely slick websites with modern designs and sleek animations and features, Divi is one of the most attractive themes out there, and it’s easy to use.  You can check out more information on it here.

Elegant Themes is my personal favourite theme.

The variety of layouts available makes it easy to simply pick one out of the list and add your customizations to make it your own.

Check out Elegant Themes

Still not satisfied?

You may need to consider options a little more specific and grab a customizable theme or pagebuilder.

The reason I recommend something like this instead of a WordPress Theme bundle is the fact that most of these have a tonne of downloadable layouts that in essence, can serve the main purpose of a theme (the layout).

I’m willing to bet that any of these packages (leaning toward those at the top of the list) will satisfy most people.  With some added, personalized imagery and a logo, your website/blog could be rocking a pretty sharp design for hardly any effort.

If this helped you get over the line and update your design or you simply found it interesting, please share this article or subscribe!  Thanks for reading :)