Final ProductMaybe you’ve just started a website and it’s not ready.

Maybe you already have a WordPress Website. If you’re like me you enjoy tinkering around with your design and settings in WordPress, seeing if you can’t accidentally destroy your website!

But the results aren’t always what you want the public to see.  Even when you start a website it’s better to have some content up before going public. But how do you hide your website while you’re working on it?

Create a ‘Coming Soon’ or ‘Under Construction’ Page!

It’s a valuable tool when you’re changing over a theme, trying a new layout or any of the reasons mentioned earlier. If you have existing traffic coming to your site you definitely want to keep these things private while you’re working, that’s where the ‘Under Construction’ plugin comes in handy.

How do you that? Here’s How with a quick video or written instructions further below.

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All you have to do is install the plugin called JF Simple Coming soon. You can find it through the WordPress dashboard by searching for ‘JF Simple Coming Soon’ and installing/activating it. If you do search for it, you’ll need to pick the right one, as there are a few similar plugins available.

This is the plugin you should install – ‘JF Simple Coming Soon’ by Jerome Fitzpatrick :

JF Simple Coming Soon Page for WordPress

Once installed, we can get to business.  Here are a few different ideas for your coming soon page…

A Simple Text-Based page

This can be done entirely within the plugin with hardly any expertise.

Once set up you’ll be able to use the website as per normal (assuming you are logged in to WordPress) but anyone not logged in will see the Under Construction page.

To install the plugin, head down to and hover over ‘Settings’ on your left WordPress dashboard menu, and click ‘Simple Coming Soon’ on the small slide-out menu.

Enable Simple Coming Soon

You can leave the default settings in place and simply check “Enable This Plugin” to activate it,   click ‘Save Changes’ and you’ll have a coming soon page.  But it looks a bit plain and doesn’t really entice the visitor.

Alternatively, you can change this text and get a more personalized message.  Since the plugin has a WordPress Editor as part of it, you can insert images, and type up some details.

Here’s what I use when I put this website under construction:

You can add images by clicking the “Add Media” button at the top, and simply type and format your text using the options in the toolbar above the text.

It does the job and should be all anyone needs. I’ve only used a very basic page but I recommend possibly listing any of the following:

  • Expected date the website will be back
  • Contact Details (especially if you’re a business that has a lot of inquiries)
  • Social Media links
  • Welcome message
  • Email Subscription box (‘you can offer to notify people when you go live’ – simply copy the html code for the form from your email list software into the editor – just make sure you click the ‘text’ tab on the upper right instead of ‘visual’)

No, you don’t have to settle for the default black background.  Just below the text editor you have a few options, you can set your colors using the below options:

Background & text Color

Simply click ‘select color’ next to each option to choose a color.  Dead easy :)

Once you’re happy, Save Changes and test it out!

You can log out of your site or simply open up a different browser (assuming you’ve activated the plugin at the top of the settings page) and see what your page looks like.

You may not have the fanciest design ever, but you get the idea and you’ve got a bit of flexibility to design something that actually serves a purpose and informs your visitors.

Plus you can view the rest of the website if you’re logged in!

For a lot of people I would go as far as to use one image and even forget the text if you’ve got some good design and Photoshop skills.  You can really get something cool and simple up if you’ve got the ability.  I’d definitely opt for a transparent png image if you plan to change the background color of the document.

Once you’re happy you can exit the settings page and get back to fiddling with your website.

Remember, once you’ve finished editing your site – head back up to the top of the page and turn the plugin off so visitors can see your website again! (uncheck the “Enable this plugin” box)

Other than that, the rest is up to you!  I’ve really tried to keep things from getting too complicated here but if you have any experience with html or design then the sky is the limit.

If you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!