Guide to Scheduling WordPress Blog Posts (with Calendar!)

So, you’ve got a number blog posts written and ready to publish.

Imagine if you could type up a number of blog posts and simply schedule them to be posted automatically. It would save logging just to publish your post.

Combined with tools that can auto post to social media from an RSS feed (such as, it’s a big step in automating your blog if it’s an approach you want to take to become more efficient.

The good news is that scheduling is a basic feature and a part of WordPress. But the addition of a editorial calendar you can drop and drag your scheduled posts in isn’t, so here’s how to set it all up!

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Here’s a quick summary of these steps

To cut to the chase, when you publish with WordPress 5.0 or higher, you are asked when you’d like to publish, so simple choose the date there.

To get the calendar with the drag and drop functionality, search for Editorial Calender (WordPress plugin page here) and install that. You then get a section under posts called ‘Calendar’. You can then move items around as you please!

I hope that was useful to you, keep an eye out for future posts on automating your blog and social media. Otherwise, enjoy your day and see you again soon :)