Popup Video

We’ve all embedded YouTube videos onto our posts before, it’s a cool solution a can offer easy delivery of cool stuff to show our readers.

Sometimes though, we get a little carried away.

‘Top 10’ video posts become ‘Top 50’ and then we have 50 videos on our page and it takes 10 minutes to load when someone visits! Not good.  Sometimes we want to include a video in a post but not have it be so distracting or obstructive. Just a subtle link would be nice…

a link or image that triggers a pop-up video! 

That sounds more like it.

Good news is there’s a plugin which makes it dead easy, so I’m going to show you how to use it.

Using the current Gutenberg Editor

Below this video will show you how to add the video popup if you are using WordPress 5.0+ with the Gutenberg editor, beneath that we also have a tutorial using the classic editor…

Watch on YouTube

Using the Classic editor

If you are choosing not to use Gutenberg, fear not! Here’s how you can add a video popup with the classic editor.

Watch on YouTube

I’ve used this in blog posts but also on landing pages where I don’t want the video iFrame taking up a section when I can style the areas exactly how I want and simply add the popup after. It’s a terrific way to skip loading the whole thing up front and save on load time.

Again, I  hope you find this kind of information useful. Do you have alternatives to this plugin or anything you wish to add?  Add a comment in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading and watching.