If you run a local business, chances are you want to be found more on Google. So you started a website and maybe even discovered Google My Business.

Google My Business is a powerful tool for jumping the search results and getting found quickly.

But many aren’t aware of it or how to optimize for it. I’ve personally used it to get to the top of their listings for my local area in WebDesign – within my first year of full-time business – and I’ve stayed there well into my 5th year (at time of writing).

So I go over some tips on how to improve and optimize your Google My Business listing.

But First…

Have you signed up for Google My Business? It’s free and you can do it here.

Give as much information as possible.

In your profile, fill out everything as completely as possible and, be comprehensive. Include keywords (such as your service, town, or any terms people would search for) and any of your main services where you can put them appropriately.)

Make sure (if possible), to share your address to show up on the map. However, if you don’t want to share your address, you can skip that and update your service area to show up when people search within that area.

Most of the information you add will be in the ‘Info’ tab on the left.

Make use of Images and Branding

On the ‘Photos’ tab on the left, upload as many photos as possible. included any shots of your premises, branding, and definitely add a logo. This makes you appear more legitimate and gives people something to explore if they want to know more about you for making contact.

Post regularly

On the ‘Posts’ tab on the left, you can share updates, links, images, etc just as you would on social media. I recommend updating every so often so you look active. It can be every few weeks or so, but every little bit helps to bring life to your listing.

Get more reviews by asking for them

It’s simple, reviews will boost your authority and social proof. 5-star reviews will help push you through the ranks.

Send your happy customers a link to leave a review. You can get this link by going to the ‘home’ section, scroll down to the section down the right ‘get more reviews’ – there you can get a link to share.

be sure to head into your ‘reviews’ tab on the left, and reply to any reviews you receive.

Stay up to date

It’s simple. Check-in and make sure your details are up to date and you will always have a profile with updated, correct information.

It doesn’t take long to do this and once you do, you’re all set up for the future, Google will take care of the rest.

Did I miss anything?

If you have any tips I haven’t mentioned, please leave a comment below so we can get your information to more people.

Otherwise thank you for reading (or watching) and have a great day :)