Ever thought that maybe some of the stuff you’re writing is just way too long?

I know, you would like to break it up into several pages so that way the page doesn’t have to load as much info or maybe you want to create a list post and break it up over several pages. Cool. Well, it’s as simple as adding a page break into WordPress. That’s it…

…oh but there’s a problem – there’s no button available that does it. So you need to find where on the page you want to insert the break, flip over to the text or html editor and paste the following:


Done. Preview your post and have a looks. Still confused?  Here are some videos showing you how to do it, depending on which editor you use.

See YouTube Links Below

Why would you break your post up into pages?

I honestly think that this is not an overly valuable feature.

Why? Because people don’t want to load several pages, they’d rather visit once and consume the content one hit. Here’s why mos tpeople would consider adding in page breaks and what I think is actually  a better idea:

  • Save on load time so readers people don’t have to wait for the entire page to load – instead install A3 Lazy Load so the images only load once the user scroll to them.
  • Break up an insanely long post – people generally prefer to scoll, just keep it as one long post and it also add some SEO value also.
  • Create a Page by Page Top List Post so every page is an Item – ew, seriously, just don’t do it. People hate that crap.
  • Decrease Bounce Rate – offer a ‘next step’ instead that follows up from the overal post. Writing a post about ‘top weight loss foods’ – link to  ‘top weight loss exercises’ to follow on.
  • Get more ad impressions and make more money – Well, I can’t really argue that one, if youfindyou make more money with your ads that way, then Ihaveno  alternative. Although your traffic may drop from decreasing the content on that one page so you may end uplosing money.  That needs testing though.

But there is an exception to every rule.

I’m sure there are good reasons out there to actually break up posts with a page break. It could be a form of story telling, if you have a psot that’s 100,000 words, then I’d say a page break is a good thing. But weighit up and choose for yourself.

I hope you found that useful! Thanks for reading :)

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