Create a Fixed Sidebar Widget in WordPress

Ever been on a website and seen one of theose fancy, fixed sidebar widgets that seems to stay in one spot on your screen as you scroll?

If you’re like me, you would have thought it’s a top opportunity to put your main Call to Actions as readers will constantly see it as they read.

The good news is it’s quite simple to do with a free plugin called Q2W3 Fixed Widget, which can be installed right within the WordPress plugin directory.

So I made up a quick video showing you the ropes and how to avoid a few bugs!

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So, How does this ‘Fixed Widget’ plugin it work?

It’s simple, in your dashboard, go to add a new plugin (plugins -> Add new) and search for Q2W3 Fixed Widget, then install and activate.

You then get a nifty tick box added to your widgets like this:

fixed tick box

Then you’ve got a fixed widget!

But there is a problem. Sometimes the widget scrolls over footers and other areas at the bottom of the page. So under your WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Fixed Widget Options you can either add a top/bottom margin in pixels, limiting how far the sidebar graphic will travel toward the top or bottom of the screen – or you can add a Div ID into the ‘Stop ID’ line and the widget will stay above that ID.

To find the ID of an element you want the widget to stop at, you can right-click and select ‘Inspect element’ (in Firefox) or ‘Inspect’ (in Chrome) to bring up the code and see what the ID is of the area you want the sidebar widget to stop. The ID will be within quotation marks, such as <div id=”footer”> if the ID is “footer”.

I highly recommend watching the video to demonstrate more clearly how to do this.

There are other options on there to disable the ‘fixed’ nature depending on how wide or tall your screen is in pixels, so it’s perfect to manage on smaller screens.

Again, I highly recommend watching the video to see it all in action. It’s quite simple and easy to use.

I hope you found that one useful, thanks for stopping by!