Sharing on Social MediaWe all want our content shared on social media. Going viral with our WordPress blog is the dream!

We load up on social media plugins and crazy stuff that eventually slows down our site and drops our engagement – offsetting the benefits of those plugins.

So why not just create a simple, clickable text link?

You didn’t know you could do that?

Well, below I have a video for you that shows you how to do it ;)

Here’s how to create a Clickable Share Link

It works, for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Linked In.  It’s really bloody easy, so here we go…

Just head to, input your Blog Post URL into one of the modules and copy the link (or code).

Was that handy? Share this post on Facebook or Twitter!

It’s quite easy to use, you can simply add these links throughout your post or even add the links to images and quotes to get your name out there.

I love it because it doesn’t affect my page load speed and it takes a minute to do plus you have total control over where the link goes. Super handy, free and quick.

I hope you found that useful!  Again, any further input leave a comment below!