Why do people say 'Content is King'?

Yeah I know, you here it everywhere:

“Content is King!”

Why do people say it? It’s cliche, it’s repetitive, it gets annoying and it’s also true.

It’s not one of the coolest looking kids in the blog/content marketing strategy playground, but it has the most impact.

But you may have a few questions about this.

So here are a few answers to help give you an understanding so you can finally put down the cliche and start thinking about the actual concept more.

Can good marketing overcome medicore content?

I’ll refer to another quote: “Content is King, Distribution is Queen, and she wears the pants”

Basically, if you can’t get anyone to find your mind-blowing blog post, video, or podcast then it has no chance to shine at all.

But let’s flip it around…

If thousands of people see your crappy content no one will finish reading, viewing, or listening to it. People will arrive at an empty vessel offering no value and they won’t stick around. To put it simply, they came for the content, in particular, so you need to offer them value.

Another angle, ten people see an absolutely mind-blowing piece of content. One person shares this content and another 20 see it. They all think it’s mind-blowing too, 2 more people share it, and so on until it goes viral.

Good content is something people share an talk about and it can grow legs all by itself!


Content is Currency

You want eyeballs and the eyeballs want value. Without value, you have nothing to offer and those people will go elsewhere.

What’s even worse? Crappy content will give you the reputation of someone who doesn’t offer any value at all, meaning people may actively avoid you and your content after a bad experience!

However, create some crazy good stuff, and people will definitely come back for more. This is why content is King.

But my content is GREAT, why aren’t people responding?

The reality check is – you don’t know if your content is great unless you are validated by those who consume it.

It’s all about results. Always be looking to improve regardless of the outcome.

Ask yourself questions all the time like:

  • Is there anyway I can offer more?
  • Is there any fluff or noise I can remove from this and be more focused on substance?
  • Can I make it easier to understand or act on?
  • Is my competition doing this better than me?

You get the idea.

Some posts are better than others

Is your space crowded?

The other thing is that if you are in a high competition space, your value drops as there are many people with the same message.

Sure, you’re unique – but so is everyone else.

Research and analyze your competition and figure out what they’re missing, how can you offer more, be better, and stand out in a way that separates you from the pool of others.

You can do this with a rare perspective, a unique and entertaining personality, original and innovative delivery of your content, or by narrowing down further and finding topics that have far less competition, so you can fight an easier battle and work your way through.

There are so many variables that you just need to keep analyzing and adjusting, working to improve, and remaining consistent.

Then multiply the effect with good strategy.

When you reach a point where people are really responding to your content, you can step up your promotional game!

If you had a scale, you could say bad content is 0, good content is 5 and mind-blowing content is 10.

Multiply your promotion efforts by 0 (Bad Content) and you still get 0. But for every number up from there, your efforts go further, reach further, and the viral potential of what you’ve written truly starts to spring to life.

What are your thoughts?

Did this post give you any insight? Was my content good?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or even continue the discussion and flesh this out further. Let’s all help each other to grow and improve our content to reach more people and achieve our goals.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!