So you’ve got a blog or website and have decided to take the leap and start an Email Newsletter – and you’re considering ConvertKit.

Good choice.

If you’re looking to build trust and turn one website visit into many visits than email marketing is the way to go! It’s definitely a proven way to make more sales online.

Please note: the following links contain affiliate links I earn a commission from upon purchase. These links do not affect your purchase price and I would recommend these products either way!

But why ConvertKit?

Why not another email provider like MailChimp or Aweber? It’s simple, the automation and email sequences elevate it from their competition.

They have that super simple interface which allows you to send a predetermined set of emails to subscribers that can change based on a user’s preferences an behavior, based on a few simple options.

So today, I’ll show you how to get started in a few areas with some videos:

  • Video 1: How to get started, embed a signup form and send your first email.
  • Video 2: How to Create Automations and Email Sequences for New Subscribers
  • Video 3: Set up the WordPress plugin to simplify everything.
  • Video 4: Create Modal Pop Ups and Slide ins
  • Video 5: Create a Custom Sign up Landing page – even if you don’t have a website.

So let’s hook in!

1. How to Start am Email Newsletter with ConvertKit

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This video will show you the sign up process, how to add a signup for to your website and how to send your first email. It’s dead simple and very easy to do :)

As you can see there’s a wizard that walks you through and make it quite simple, plus ConvertKit have their own training videos in each area before you start.

Each Section is clearly defined in the top navigation, so it’s easy to move onto the next step.

2. Set up Automations and Email Sequences

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Want to Try ConvertKit? Click here to sign up for 14 Day Free trial

The Email Sequences and Automations found in ConvertKit allow you to send an automatic list of emails subscribers when they sign up or perform a certain task.

By adding tags to certain links, we can individualize each subscribers Email sequence as they go, it’s really quite innovative.

You can set up as many forms and automations has you’d like, to create a long list of email funnels to better suit your marketing to your website visitors and create multiple offers. You can see how visual and simple the process is!

3. Set up the ConvertKit WordPress Plugin

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Want to Try ConvertKit? Click here to sign up for 14 Day Free trial

To speed up the whole process, ConvertKit have created a plugin for WordPress which makes things very simple within just a few clicks.

You can choose a default form for your whole website and then individual forms for certain pages and posts – including complete landing pages that take over the page.

This plugin speeds up everything and simplifies the whole process

4. Create a Modal Popup or Slide-in sign up form

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Want to Try ConvertKit? Click here to sign up for 14 Day Free trial

A lot of people swear by Pop Ups and Slide Ins because people can’t miss them. It is up to you to decide whether or not to use them though as many other people say they can have an impact on user experience.

The statistics show that popups work though, especially with a solid lead magnet – a free item offered in exchanged for an email address.

As you can see there are some really cool features, including hiding for the form for existing subscribers or even replacing it. This can be a good way to make other offers to subscribers.

5. How to Create an Email Signup Landing Page (even if you don’t have a website)

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Want to Try ConvertKit? Click here to sign up for 14 Day Free trial

Sometimes you just want a simple page that only offers a sign up for so people don’t go elsewhere.

This option is great as the WordPress plugin allows you to replace a page on your website with a Landing Page you’ve created – or you can simply let ConvertKit host the page with their link, so you don’t even need to own a website to get subscribers!

That’s how to get started!

It’s pretty simple and straight forward, but the features available also make it quite powerful.

There are a number of other features not covered above. To name a few, you can also create an automated email series that links to an RSS feed – which means new posts are shared automatically! There’s a simple GDPR click to help make you comptatible for those laws.

The more you dig, the more features you find!

Ready to try it out? Check out the 14 day trial here.

You can signup, get started and try to software out with no payment details down.

I’ve done this for the demo above but also have a paid account I use for this website. When your trial runs out, you simply get a screen asking you to pay to continue your account. You can leave it for months and pick up where you left off.

I hope you found that useful. Thanks for dropping by and if you want more info like this on growing your online presence and blog, consider subscribing to my email newsletter!

Have an awesome day :)