When was your social media audience online?

Are you just pumping out social media posts that simply sail on out into the abyss of updates and never seem to reach your audience?

One major reason this could be happening is that you could be posting at the worst time – when hardly anyone is online.

So the question becomes “when is my social media audience online?

Well, below I’ll show you exactly how to find out when for the following platforms:

Once you know when you’re audience is actually online it can help you determine how frequently to post to optimize your workload and at what times to have the post land right when the most people are online to see it.

So let’s get into it! Starting with…


YouTube is a terrific platform for reaching people as the content you create is easy to consume as people just sit back and watch!

But it can be more work, so optimize your posting time by seeing when you audience is online in the video below (steps afterward).

Watch on YouTube

Yeah, it’s as simple as logging into YouTube Studio, heading to ‘Analytics’ on the left and then click the ‘Audience tab’. Down the page you will see when your audience is online!

It will look something like this:

You can see the time zone, day, and time above, with the darkest areas being when most people in your audience are online.


There used to be info here, but Facebook has removed the ability to see when your audience is online. If they add it back, I’ll pop it here in the future!


You will need 100+ followers and a professional account to do this, here’s how to convert your account if needed.

Watch on YouTube

Otherwise, whip open the ol’ Instagram, head to your Profile and click on ‘Insights’, once it opens, scroll down to ‘Audience’ and press ‘See more’. Scroll down to ‘followers’ and you’ll see day at the top and the times people are online.

You can choose ‘Hours’ (top right).

Instagram hours people are online

Or Days (top right) to see which day is busiest.

Instagram Days

That easy!


Twitter is a little different, there aren’t any insights to play with that give you this information!

Instead, I use FollowerWonk. Simply head over there, log in with your account and head to the “Analyze” tab. Then enter your name, and choose to analyze your followers in the drop down. Click “Do it”.


Once you’ve done that, you can scroll down and you’ll find a whole range of useful information about your followers. But most importantly, you’ll see ‘Most active hours of (your handle)’s followers.

But keep scrolling, there’s more handy info below also!

That’s it!

Hopefully, that should help you understand your followers more and schedule your social media more effectively in the future.

Let me know your thoughts or questions below in the comments. Otherwise, have a great day!