So, you’ve heard one guru tell you not to. “you’re in business to make money, why work for free?”

Then others tell you it’s good to get your name out there.

Well, here’s my take on working for free to Kick Start your business!

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In the video above I talk about my story of how I offered free work to kick start my business and how those few small jobs turned into a lot of money over the years.

I also talk about when it’s a good idea or not to offer free work, and how to do it.

So, should you work for Free?

It all depends.

If you have a small network and no one knows you exist, you may want to consider doing some free work.

Basically, the idea is to target people with large networks, and offer them some work for free in return for them referring you to people in their network.

This also builds trust with those new people. If the people they refer you to trust them, you get some ‘residual trust’ form that word of mouth referral.

However, if you have a strong network there be better ways to reach people. This is perfect however for people starting well and truly from scratch.

If you get the chance, check out the video and you may find the information there useful.

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