Leonardo AI Upscaler Samples

If you’ve caught the video and want to see the images I’ve upscaled. I’ve popped them below.

Otherwise, if you wish to try the upscaler yourself, check it out for your self using my affiliate link below:

Try Leonardo AI

WARNING: some images are BIG for a website. Below the largest is 7Mb.

Old Man AI Art made with Leonardo AI

Original Image (1840x1224px)
BIG Upscale of Upscale (5376x3784px)
Mid Creativity Upscale (2688x1792px)
Low Creativity Upscale (2688x1792px)
High Creativity Upscale


Upscaled Upscale
Low Creativity
High Creativity

AI Art Orc

Upscaled Mid Creatvity


Me – 800x800px
Me – Upscaled Upscale 3200x3200px
Me – Low Creativity 1600x1600px

Try Leonardo AI


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January 30, 2024

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