‘Photo Gallery’ Facebook Cover Templates

The ‘Photo Gallery’ Facebook Cover Photo Templates are all about imagery. Some templates add effects to a one bold image, whilst others focus on a gallery of photos for those who have a large portfolio to show off.

Below I have the full gallery of templates available within this pack (as well as the ‘Complete Pack’ which has all of my Facebook Templates in it).

Here is a quick look at this ‘Photo Gallery’ Facebook Cover Image PSD Pack:

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Each template is designed to easily:

  • Change text & fonts (fonts are included – this only applies to templates with text)
  • Change colors in the design using the paint bucket tool or simple layer blend options
  • Switch out photos, retaining effects and cropping
  • Each template has guidelines to show where the image will be cropped when Facebook is being used on different devices
  • The majority of these designs will appear very unique with a few of these simple tweaks.
  • Instant Download

How to use these templates

They’re simple enough to use, all you need is Adobe Photoshop (this is an affiliate link). I have some videos below showing you how to update these if you aren’t familiar with Photoshop:


Explore the layouts below, or jump to each sub-pack:
Photo Effects | Photo Grids | Clean Boxed

Photo Effect Designs

Each of the following templates applies some kind of effect to the image underneath to create something very different than the original.

Every image you see below is using a very plain, free photo with effect applied over it.

Concrete Jungle

This template focuses on creating a worn, dirty concrete effect / grunge look.

Cool & Grunge

This template really cools the photo but giving it a bluer look and adds some erosion elements for a cool grunge look.

Cool Corrosion

Much like the template above, this template cools the image but has a less intense grunge look and aims to create a dirty look instead.

Dark Effect

This template will darken and create a shadowy effect over any photo. With basic text and even some extra text layers available not seen here.

Flat Color

2 PSD Templates

These two templates focus on flattening an image into a simple dark color with text being applied over the top for easy reading.

This layout blocks the whole image out to a darker, flatter color with text being central.
This template only blocks a portion of the image, so you can show more of the original picture to one side. This template also includes a mirrored version.

Light Photo

This template lightens a photo so you can keep it there subtly, with dark text applied over the top.

Max Grunge

This is another high-grunge layout that also dulls the photo to create a real aged effect.

Neutral & Cool

This template will dull all colors except for blue, to create a blue & grey look.

Neutral & Green

This template will dull all colors except for green, to create a green & grey look.

Neutral & Warm

This template will dull all colors except for warm reds,oranges and yellows, to create a warm & grey look.

Old Book Effect

This template creates a very old, sepia look with a lot of aging whilst also giving you a range of layers you can adjust or turn off to customize the look further. Works with just about any photo you add to it.

Pink Blue

This template focuses on creating a clean, duotone look from blue to pink.

Warm Fire

This template really sets the image on fire by making the image as warm and fiery as possible whilst adding subtle flame elements.


Explore the layouts below, or jump to each sub-pack:
Photo Effects | Photo Grids | Clean Boxed

Photo Grids

The following templates are all simple photo grids.

You can change each individual photo or pop a photo in that covers as many spots as you like. All the gird borders/backgrounds are customizable also.


Diamond Grid


Rectangle Grids

3 PSD Templates


Explore the layouts below, or jump to each sub-pack:
Photo Effects | Photo Grids | Clean Boxed

Clean Boxed

The following are a combination of photo grids with small text areas.

By using simple color overlays in some areas, text areas are easily found (many of these text areas can be switched off, with others sitting hidden to be activated).

These are very flexible and easy to use!


2 PSD Templates

A simple diagonal style grid, one that slanted only horizontally, while the second is slanted both vertically and horizontally. A mirrored version is also included for both.

Clean Boxed – Z

2 PSD Templates

A simple Z shaped grid with space for a logo. A mirrored version is also included.
This template is a simpler version of above, with no logo area. A mirrored version is also included.

Clean Boxed Standard

3 PSD Templates

This simple 3 box grid also has two hidden text areas on the left and right you can turn on or off.
This is a simpler design with one main photo and a text area to one side (with a subtle photo underneath). A mirrored version is also included.
This is a variation on above with a separate area for call to actions. A mirrored version is also included.

Take the leap!

With each template averaging at less than $1 each, these Facebook Cover Image packs are great value!