How to Plan & Organise Your Content using Trello (Free!)

You’ve got a million new ideas every day.

You start working on one idea and another pops up!

You get excited, you put the previous content idea on hold and work on the other before you forget.

You get 2 more ideas.

What was the first idea again? Sheesh, I forgot…. Oh, just got another idea!

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How the hell do you keep track of all of this??

You need to plan and organise your ideas and content. Otherwise, you never get the chance to complete a full idea or you end up forgetting all of your best thoughts.

Well, I have a free tool for you.

It’s called Trello, and it’s a job management system that is perfect for content creators such as bloggers, social media marketers, Youtubers, etc.

Let’s take a look!

Here’s how Trello Works, I put together this nifty video…

I walk through basically how you can get started using Trello below. It’s very simple but a highly effective tool.

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You can also Create a Content Calendar with Trello!

You can try Trello by heading over to their website here.

While there is a premium version, I’ve been using the free version very effectively for years.

Trello is basically a really handy cloud-based tool which allows you to create a board, and a series of columns you can attach job cards to. So it’s pretty handy for keeping content ideas.

There’s also a phone app – so you can put your ideas down when you’re out and about.

But check out the video as this could be a really hand y tool for you to use.

Until next time, thanks for dropping by!