Top 30 Ways to Make Money Online

Is it possible to escape your job and take advantage of the top ways make money online?

Can you even earn a living off the internet? Is it possible?

None of us want to be stuck in a 9 to 5 grind forever, so many often turn to online sources of income in an attempt to smoothly transition out of their job and into something better.

You can work on it after hours at your pace and there’s no boss looking over your shoulder, annoying the ever-living crap out of you.

I did it, I currently live off a combination of Freelancing (Web & Graphic Design) and Passive Income I make online and work from home. 

Would I say it’s easy? Not really.

But it’s nowhere near as difficult as you may think.  You just need to plan it out, take action and, naturally, work your butt off!

So I have for you below the top 30 ways to make money online. Just remember, no results are guaranteed. These are all just potential options.

There’s another barrier though…

There is no shortage of “systems” and crazy schemes out there that promote an online income using dodgy methods. Don’t expect to make much money online with certain ways or methods.

Don’t be suckered in, avoid the following:

  • Casino’s or Gambling
  • Illegal Services or Goods
  • Software Systems you have to pay for that do the work for you (and promise riches!)
  • Anything that promises effortless results
  • Any method you aren’t comfortable with

Seriously, you need to be willing to work.

With some hard work, a smart plan and a legitimate approach you can grow your income on the side, build up, save the cash and split off into your own business in time.  Not everyone will be able to do it but chances are if you’re serious and willing to work, you will able to eventually make enough money online in many of the following ways.

Before you read this, please note that a small number of these links are affiliate links I earn a commission from, I would have promoted these without the affiliate links anyway as they’re more of an afterthought to support the website.

Below is a video going over a small number of options, but I continue to expand in great detail beneath in this blog post.

For that reason, I recommend reading this post even if you watch the video :)

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Here are the top ways to make money online!

As they say “There’s more than one way to skin a cat…”

…not that I’d know.

I’ve never taken the time to catch a cat and go through the effort of skinning it. It doesn’t align with my interests or morals but you kinda get the point – there are many top ways to make money online.  What I mean is there are endless ways to earn online, but you probably have no idea where to start.

New ways are popping up every day and even some of these avenues themselves branch out into thousands of methods and millions of possibilities.  So with a little creative thinking, you should be able to make some money with what’s listed below.

I do offer a bit of advice at the end of this post you may find useful.

So, here’s an extensive list of ways you can make money online and leave your 9 to 5 job!

start a blog

Start a Website / Blog and Monetize It

This is a very broad topic.

Basically, the idea is you build an audience by giving away valuable and free content that attracts visitors from all over the world (or even just locally) so you can tastefully sell or advertise to them and making a nice bit of money as you go.  People like to take recommendations or work with people they know and like, so build a relationship with your audience and work from there.

It’s a long-term plan but it has the most potential out of any idea on this list. You can build a business, sell other people’s products for a commission, place ads on your site, have sponsored posts, the list is endless.

You can find a more comprehensive post on monetizing a website here.

I started here because I believe it’s the best choice.

I have a free Course here which shows you how to get started.

Affiliate Marketing

For many, this is the way they start making money on the internet.

Affiliate Marketing is simple and easy to start.  Just promote other people’s stuff and earn a commission when you make a sale!

It’s as simple as signing up for a free program, picking your product, creating a link, and then promoting it.  The real effort is in learning the best ways to promote, build trust and reach more people so they take your recommendations.

Commissions can vary.  Amazon offers 4-10% on sold products while some companies offer 50% – 100% for digital products and services. I highly recommend finding something you can sell a lot of or something that has a high commission so you can generate more money quicker.

Some of the main affiliate networks you can sign up for there are:

This can be done via email marketing, YouTube and through your website (see the link above!). Find something you are knowledgeable about, something you use yourself and be as useful as possible when promoting it and you won’t lose!

Online Surveys

There are a lot of people out there who regularly fill out online surveys and make some extra cash.  While it may not be the full-time money making option you need, it can help you raise that initial cash to get things moving (pay for a domain and web hosting or software you may need).

Many will pay cash but some offer gift cards instead, so do your research before starting! Personally, I prefer cash ;)

Here’s a list of places you can check out:

As I said, I personally would look for something more scalable and long-term, but it’s a top place to start and earn a little extra online.

Get Paid to Search the Web

Here’s another small earner to start with that doesn’t take up a heap of time but is perfect for getting started.

I know this kinda goes against my rules at the top of this post but you don’t really have to do much – just let a place called QMEE monitor what you search for and they’ll pay you for the data. You won’t earn a tonne but it will help you move forward. The only thing is they will have data based on your activities so it may not suit the privacy-conscious.

QMEE works when you do searches on:

  • Google
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Bing
  • Walmart
  • Target

You check out their official site here.

Get Paid to Review/Test Websites & Apps

There are developers out there that need their creations reviewed for quality and tweaking, so help them create a better product by reviewing their website, app or product in for money.

You can check out User Testing and get paid $10 to test out a website or app, all you need to do is create a 20-minute video and voice over (you can do this easily using Camtasia). So you can contribute to the development of certain websites or software and make some money doing it!

You can also create your own business aside from this service and offer your own rate as a way of growing your money-making abilities in this field.

write a book

Self Publish Books (E-Books or Physical Books!)

There are a lot of options to make money online with this method.

There are a number of ways. You can write your own book.  Be it a novel, educational, resource, anything that fits the format and then sell it online. There are a few options below:

  • Create a PDF E-Book – Create a word doc, save as a PDF and then sell it on your website or on a service like Payhip. 
  • Create a Kindle Ebook – You can sell your ebook for Kindle users on,  sign up here.
  • Sell a Physical Book for Print on Demand – using Create Space, you can upload your book and list it on Amazon. When someone buys, the book is printed, bound and sent!
  • Print Yourself and Ship. Find a local printer, print a number of copies of your book and simply ship it out when you sell!

Proof Read

Don’t want to write? Why not proofread for a fee!

You can start your own website or business, offering your skills or sign up over at UpWork to offer and perform this service. It could be for books, essays, website copy, blog posts or anything you can think of.  You can approach blogs and offer them your services for a fee or offer to do a little work for free for a bit of exposure.

You can also search the web for people who need proofreaders or even find somewhere that hires people. This is a great option to make more money on the side.

Create Audio for Audiobooks

You can read, right?

Well, you just read the above sentence and this one accompanying it.  Why not read a book or your own book out loud, record them and then sell that recording as an audiobook? This is a terrific way to earn more money.

If you head over to ACX’s official site, you’ll see they handle the audio recordings for most books and link to your ISBN.  It’s a lot of work but could be well worth the effort!

Join Tribe and Create Ads

Ever heard of Tribe?

Basically, you can create an ad creative (image for Facebook, Instagram, etc) and pop it up on Tribe and the company may pay you to use your ad online! You share it with your audience and sell the rights to your advertisement to the company you’re advertising for.

There’s more information on the Tribe website here. This is perfect for photographers, graphic designers or people who have decent (doesn’t have to be huge) followings on social media they can market to – this way everyone involved makes some money!

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create phone apps to make money online

Create an App

Everyone has a phone, most people have tablets – so why not create an app?

You could learn to code, sure, but that may not be your best approach. You can head on over to a freelancing website like Upwork and look for a programmer or search for an app creator to create a simple app.

To name a few there are:

You can sell the app or make it high use for free with ads that consistently earn money. Many people are killing it with this.  I’ve personally never done it but considered it many times!

Start a Freelancing Business

I’ve mentioned Upwork a few times on this, but there are endless options here. It’s how I got started!

Let me be clear: this may be the quickest way to get to earning a full-time income online because you get paid for your time.

You can find a skill that you sell and simply charge your time or a package price!  You can advertise on places like Upwork, contract to bigger businesses or start your own website, advertise and build it as a business.

So, here are a few services that do well online in the freelance world that you can make money online with:

  • Marketing / Social Media Management
  • Blogging / Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Teaching / Tutoring (Skype is perfect for this)
  • Translator / Interpreter
  • Legal Work
  • Accounting
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Voice over work or voice acting
  • SEO services
  • Fitness or Health Coach
  • Consulting of any kind
  • Whatever skill you have that doesn’t require a physical presence

Here are a few places you can sell freelance services:

Honestly, you’ll make more money if you run your own show though.  I highly recommend starting a website, getting on social media and chasing down businesses yourself.  Do a few freebies, get your name out there and then charge the referred clients. That’s how I grew my freelancing business to the point where I quit my job and went fulltime at home.

I have a Free Email Video course showing you how to get started with a website/social media here.

Perform small tasks

You can sign up at several websites to perform small tasks and get paid per task.  So the more efficient you are the more money you’ll make!

This is perfect as you can set your own schedule, sign up and complete the task by given the time/date.  Here are a few places to try:

Review music to make money online

Review Music

Do you like listening to music?  Even better, do you like giving your opinion on music?

Slicethepie sounds like your jam.

Listen to music and leave your review online. The better your reviews are, the more money you make, that simple.  So not only can you start making money but you can earn more overtime for your efforts!

Flip a domain or website

There are many people out there you buy domains or entire websites cheap, make some changes and resell for a profit!

Now you don’t have to buy a website, you can simply build a website and sell it, so you’ve got plenty of options.

Here are some marketplaces you can buy and sell from:

There are many forums and other places out there you can search for on Google, but the above three are where I’d start!

Sell Stock Photos or Artwork

To make money in this way, you can compile all of your photos, take more, create artwork and sell it all online!

This can be a good source of passive income but you really need to be putting a lot of quality products out there to move forward, but it has solid potential. You can start your own site or sell through a larger one…. or both!

Here’s where you can sell photos and basic artwork:

Or you can sell more creative bundles and packs below:

There are more of these websites than you can count, but the above are the main ones.  But you can definitely do a Google search if you want to find more!

Sell on eBay, Shopify or Amazon FBA

You can sell your own stuff (not a great business model), dropship, or buy and resell!

Many people have been operating and living off their eBay stores since the website first began.  This goes for any other bidding websites or marketplaces you may prefer to work with.

You can also sell goods by starting a Shopify Website or signing up for Fulfilment by Amazon.

Write articles for paying article sites

Sure, you can start your own website/blog and monetize it with Google Adsense or make money selling products online, and then you’d start building some passive income – but another way is to sign up for article websites that already have some traffic going to them.

I like these sites for another reason, if you are compelled to write articles on topics outside of your website, this could be a good place to put them!

There some website’s that pay you a portion of their advertising profit for any articles you write.

Or you can get paid per article you write, using sites like these (some are topic-based):

Again, Google is your friend if you really want to go searching for opportunities here.

Translate Text and Speech

If you speak more than one language, you can translate for people, whether it be text or speech!

Again, start your own business, freelance on a freelancing website or check out a service like Translate to get started. Obviously, this one requires a bit more expertise than most have, but it’s still an option!

Transcribe Audio

If you can type quickly, a transcription service can also be a good way to earn some money.

Listen to podcasts or audio and type the dialogue you hear for a fee. Rev is a perfect place to start! You do need to be efficient for this to pay well though, so make sure you’re typing skills (and listening skills) are up to the task!

Earn a living on youtube

Start Vlogging on YouTube

That’s right, become a YouTuber and make money online that way!

You can earn recognition, reach more people and drive more traffic to your website.  But you can also monetize your YouTube videos if you have over 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the past year. Furthermore, you can further monetize with sponsorship, affiliate marketing, subscriptions and services like Patreon.

You don’t have to be in front of the camera either instead you may start out doing voice over and screencap videos (like me, oh, yeah – check out my channel here!)

Play Video Games

Seriously? Is this a way to make money online?

Some people out there making a killing by playing video games and screen sharing their gameplay live.

If you turn to a platform like Twitch you can build a paying audience of subscribers.  Alternatively, you can film tutorials and put them onto YouTube and utilize the above point to make money that way.

It’s a bit of a dream come true/long shot for many so it may not be the easiest avenue to succeed at.

Network Marketing Online

I know people who taken the age-old Networking Marketing game and made a tonne of money with it online.

They tell you to sell to your friends and family but that’s just plain annoying. Create a resource or blog, reach more people and recruit there instead, it makes more sense and you can potentially reach more people.

The internet is your best friend for this stuff!

Teach / Coach One on One

You can build a business that is designed to find students and teach them online!

A good example of this is High Point Music, who do guitar lessons on YouTube, one on one over Skype and have a solid teaching business.  Choose your topic and if it can be taught over the phone or a screen chat on Skype or Facebook and you’ve got a winner.

This is where PayPal or an online booking service would help to organize these lessons.

Create an online course

People out there are making millions with online courses.

A quality course can nab anywhere from $50, 100, $297 or $3000 dollars!

If you have the knowledge, organize and sell it in a package. Sure you can build a site yourself people gain access to upon payment, but there are a number of places you can use to build and sell an online course.

Here are three online course creators for you to consider using:

There are endless services out there, so if these don’t look good to you, a simple Google search will point you in the right direction.

Sell your own Music

Are you in a band? Solo maybe?

You can still sell your music digitally online. Imagine making money online with your offline craft!

You can build a website and sell using WooCommerse or a similar platform, you can find a service that does it for you. Check out places like Bandcamp to get started.

Find a remote Job

You don’t have to look for a job locally. Many places online hire!

Here’s a look at a few places that work with you remotely:

Sell and Design Shirts Online

Go Print on Demand

The options are pretty endless and there are many ways to make some money online with this method.

Basically, you design an image, upload it to a store and it will be available for purchase printed onto a shirt or some other media.  When purchased your design is printed onto the product, shipped, and you make you a predetermined cut of the sale.

While most people try to sell custom designed shirts, some places out there have far more extensive ranges from invitations, posters, bookmarks, hats, aprons, dart boards, cushions, etc – you get the idea.

I’ve had a bit of experience here and will say one thing – do your research as the quality can vary.  I’ve had some very poor quality shirts arrive from some places. But printing onto paper or card is a bit better quality.  It all depends on your target audience.

The following are places I’ve used and made money on in the past:

A lot of these places also have affiliate programs.  So you can share your product through an affiliate link and make a commission on top of your markup.  Another strategy is to get people to sign up as affiliates and promote your product.

All you need to do is figure out what designs will sell!

Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies and Shares

I’ve never owned Bitcoin or a Crypto Currency but I have bought and traded shares.

This could be a viable investment for the money you make, but not a way to generate an income if you have no money to invest. I’m personally not as excited about this option but it will suit some. Make sure you educate yourself first though.


Start a podcast and promote it on iTunes and various other networks.

It’s simple.  Build an audience and then accept paid sponsorship for your shows.  Also, you can talk about products and share affiliate links to make money that way too.

The best resource I know of to start a podcast is Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income website. Pat has an entire section dedicated to it here.

Create a Membership Site

The holy grail of passive income – the recurring payment membership site.

Offer a premium resource online, pay a weekly/monthly/annual fee for access.  So as your customer base builds so does your income, but this can be a tough gig as many pay the initial fee and then drop out quickly, so offer quality.

There are a few options for creating a membership website:

So, What’s the best option?

That depends on you, but if I had to say one avenue was more likely to help most people, it would be – treat whatever you do as an online business.

That means having a strong presence, systems in place that you follow, analyze everything and make changes to grow.

In just about all instances you’re going to need a website in order to start making money online, and I can help you get started with my Free Beginner’s Email Course.  The link is below!

Click here to learn about my Free Beginner’s Email Course

Otherwise, I hope you found this information useful.  If you have any ideas not on this list, leave a comment below so other people can benefit from your knowledge also.

As always, thanks for reading and have a good day!

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