I review Popular Blog Designs

Ever wondered why people lay their sites out the way they do?

In some cases its a lot of chance but in many cases (especially with bigger, more popular blogs) the design and layout are tweaked for peak performance – to gain more subscribers and customers.

So I thought it’d be cool to go over these blogs, check out their designs and walk throguh with my thoughts on them, also discussing how certain elements and layouts benefit the blog owner.

The first episode is now up on YouTube, and I’ll be adding to the playlist beloe every time I release one of these videos.

So Check it out!

Below is the full playlist, so you can check back here anytime and take a look at when the latest video has been released. But thew best way to keep up to date, is to subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

Otherwise, check out the playlist below and enjoy!

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At this point in time I do have a few more reviews lined up and am hoping to release these pretty reguarly. The idea is mainly to learn from these sites, their strengths and mistakes as I see them (as a web designer, thinking about conversion and performance).

So beyond the simple “I like this but not that” style of review is not what I am aiming to offer, but informative and useful information you can improve your website with.

I hope you find these videos useful and interesting. If you have any website requests, please leave a comment further down the page.

Otherwise, thank you for watching and I hope to see you again soon!