Lately, it seems that everywhere I look, I see cubes in logos.

The first few times I saw them I thought they looked pretty sharp, but then I started to notice a lot of them and thought – why are they so popular?  I also asked myself the question: are they good or bad?

A logo is best served as a unique and smart representation of a company; done well it can do an excellent job of creating familiarity between the viewer and it’s brand.

So if everyone is using Cubes in Logos, are they effective?

Yes and no.  If they all look the same then no – they’re pretty damn useless.  But as a common theme, a smart deviation from the norm can really create a smart image that is both unique and memorable.

What does a cube represent? The 3D nature of a cube creates a feel of dimension and technology, which is why they seem to work well when representing anything to do with computers or computer operated goods.

A cube logo represents a kind of organised central hub, which suggests the business it represents is organised and the ‘center’ of it’s industry – the place to go.

But computer technology is everywhere.

We live in an age of advanced technology, so there’s a hell of a lot of businesses out there who can utilize a cube logo, so making it unique is a must since it’s a heavily used theme in a wide range of industries.

How do you make a cube logo unique?

I’m a big fan of looking at the majority – looking for a common theme and avoiding it like the plague.  What would you do to make one unique? Below I’ve put a few examples of popular and highly effective cube-based logo designs for your viewing pleasure.  

In my opinion they’re all terrific looking logos….

…but what do most of the above logos have in common?  

Nearly all of theme are businesses heavily involved in technology, and each logo seems to revolve around working in the initials of the company name into the logo.

You can tell that Nintendo really like cubes!  I think it’s really a fantastic representation specific to them, taking the age-old 2D pixel driven video games into a realm of 3D rendering.

These are only a few but you can see the trend. So you tell me – are they getting a little too popular?  Also would you use one when designing yourself?  Thanks for reading :)