Bloom Email Pop Up PluginPop ups cop a bad rap.

People whinge and say they refuse to use them because they annoy their visitors. But a massive chunk of the most popular websites on the website in the world use them.

Because they work.  

Pop up Email Opt In’s have a proven track record amongst bloggers to increase Email subscriptions.  That’s the general consensus with those you use them.

Well, Bloom has just popped up (oh I know, a really bad pun!) into the world of internet marketing.

So I thought I’d show you exactly how to create an email pop up form using Bloom, which is (after using Pop Up Domination) my new choice for Email pop ups and forms.

I was quite impressed with bloom not because of the pop up form but also the other options, such as:

  • Inline Opt In forms to put into posts
  • Email opt In Widgets (for side bars, etc)
  • Locked content areas
  • Corner ‘slide ins’ (if you don’t want to be too aggressive using a pop up).

But for now, I’m going to show you the back end of Bloom, and how to create a Pop Up form.  So check it out the video here on YouTube

Download Bloom here!

It’s pretty easy and very powerful. I’ve started using Bloom on my websites.

what’s really cool about it is the fact that I didn’t even mean to buy it. I purchased the Divi Theme which comes in the total package including 80-something themes and a range of plugins.  This was released shortly after and I was psyched to try it.

I already owned pop up domination but was really quite disappointed with it considering I payed almost $100 for that plugin alone – and paying less for the entire package with the themes and plugins including Bloom.

So if you like what you see, check out Bloom and then have a good look at everything that comes with it, it’s pretty solid.