Create an Email List building theme with builder

I know you’ve read countless posts telling you how to get more email subscribers.

You’ve been told to “put an optin box here“, “add a feature box on your main page“, etc, etc.  But how the hell are you supposed to do that?

The sidebar widget is a given, most people can figure out how to do that.

Underneath the blog post is a little harder, adding the feature box can be really challenging if you don’t know how.  But you also want your design to flow naturally and look the way you want it to look!

Your website must have your personality and brand as well as all of these features, but if you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at a designer, what do you do?

You build it yourself!

All it takes is a few images, some vision and preferably some image skills in a program like Photoshop and you can create a smart looking website that converts – all using the Builder Theme.

I’m not going to tell you how you can do with it though. Instead, I recorded a video that shows you exactly how to do it.

Here’s how!

I’ll cover some of the  process in text below the video, but you really need watch it happen to get a full picture and understanding of each step.

So check out the video below and if you want to know more about the general approach.  To better understand, you can keep reading afterwards.

Watch on YouTube

What’s involved in making this happen?

The following is a simplified process, the complete process can be seen in the video above.

First, create a simple subscribe page which has your opt in form embedded within it.  You can copy the code from MailChimp (under ‘Sign Up Forms’ -> ‘Embedded Forms’), into your page under the ‘text’ tab.  Publish the page!

After that install the Builder Theme, activate it and then upload the Style Manager plugin (it comes with the theme – just download it from your iThemes dashboard on their website).

Once installed you can use the layout manager to create your layout.  It should include your logo, opt in box, navigation, content (with sidebar) and footer.  You can simply add and subtract each section at will.  For this particular tutorial, it should look similar to this:

Builder Layout

You can then go through each module and customize:

  • Upload your logo into the first image module, add a link to your home page and an alt tag (The name of website or targeted keywords)
  • Upload your Opt in Image.  As above, add an alt tag and a link to your ‘Subscribe’ Page (created earlier)
  • Set up your Navigation to use ‘WordPress Pages’
  • Configure your content – set it up with your preference on Sidebar position and width.

Now you’ve got a layout set up.  You simply need to go through and style your layout!

Using Style Manager, go through the various boxes and fields to add the images, colors and fonts you want to your website. The ones that have the most impact are things like the ‘Site Background’, ‘Site font’ and colors of the content and sidebar areas.

A peak at the Style Manager

I highly recommend taking a bit of time to carefully tweak each setting for that finer attention to detail and get the exact look you want. (The video will show this in more detail).

After that, you can grab your MailChimp code again and paste it into your sidebar. Then by using the WP-Insert plugin, simply insert the code again and set it up to appear at the bottom of each blog post.


Under rules on the WP-Insert options, you can choose pages to hide the opt in form.  I recommend keeping it way from your home page, categories and search results.

Then you’ve got your theme!

It doesn’t take long, but you can get a theme that looks pretty sharp quite easily.  This is the final result our video came up with:

The final layout

It’s simple but effective.  Everything is on the table – Logo, Opt In image, sidebar opt in, content and (of you scroll down on a post) an opt in form at the end. Once you have the image in place, all it takes is 20 minutes to achieve the layout above.

The side bar may look a bit empty, but it’s just a matter of putting the widgets in there that you like and they’ll appear under the email opt in.

If haven’t watch the video yet, scroll up and check it out! You’ll get to see every single step so there’s no surprises.

If you want to download the Builder Theme, get it from the iThemes website here.

If this theme doesn’t suit you, I highly recommend checking out our guide on the Divi Theme.

If you have a design made in Builder or you manage to create on based from this quick tutorial, please send me a message let me know!  I’d love to see it.