Have you ever wanted to say something to the world which you think would have an impact?

Surely you have  message or something valuable to pass on, it can be a life goal or just something you want to express.

Well your opportunity is staring you in the face!

Do you want to know something?  As a person who owns a website, it’s pretty ordinary of you not to spread your message – especially if you think it’s a message the world needs to hear.

Why? Well you have the easiest possible platform to be noticed on and you can reach more people than ever before.

So there’s no excuse.  

There’s a lot of noise out there but if your message is solid, it will penetrate and reach people.  If you put in the effort, you can spread your message very easily.

You can influence peoples very thoughts and actions with a keyboard – that’s pretty outrageous if you ask me!  It’s a terrific opportunity.

Do you know how people reached millions in the past?

Things used to be very difficult if you wanted to amplify a message around the world. To have global influence meant you had to have some kind of pre-existing fame or value that got you onto television, radio or on some kind of world stage.

Because the “World Stage” wasn’t available to average Joe back then, only very few could amplify their message.

A young guy in Austria wanted share his unique personality and inspire millions to achieve.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

To gain his platform, Arnold Schwarzenegger spent decades building his body so that you couldn’t miss it.  He pushed on and became a bodybuilding champion and eventually used that uniqueness to become an action star through movies like The Terminator.

Arnold Schwarzenegger then gained the ability to spread his message.  He promoted health, fitness and weight lifting and made it mainstream.  But he had to go through decades of work before he could appear on television and actually reach thousands or millions of people.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali had a message of being proud of your beliefs, your race and standing up for yourself and be unwavering in your resolve – even when an entire government system wants to throw you in jail.

Sure, he could have walked the street, stood proud, delivered his message and a few people might have heard him.  But he knew his greatness by way of becoming a World Heavyweight Boxing Champion was a tool he could use to reach more people, to stand up and deliver his message. He inspires people to this day with the things he’s said because it was backed up by his victories.

But without those victories he wouldn’t have the channel to reach the millions he did.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee redfined Martial Arts and changed it’s entire direction by promoting the mixture of styles and rejecting useless elements. He was one of few who were beginning to do this. The idea wasn’t entirely unique to him.

But making his way into the movies set his example and made millions of martial artists rethink their approach. He then used his platform to express his philosophy, make a massive dent on racism and change the way Asians were perceived in the Western world.

He did this all before he died at 32 – without his movies we wouldn’t know who he is or have heard his message.

These guys had to be famous to amplify their message…

…but you don’t.

Back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s you had to get onto television, magazines or some kind of media for your message to leave your locality.  These days you can talk to anyone instantly in any area of the world as long as you both have an internet connection.

People are reaching others faster, getting richer faster and learning faster because the internet has made knowledge more available to everyone with a connection.

You just need to become someone sharing the knowledge; sharing your message.

What do you have to do to reach the same number of people?

Start a website or create something online and promote it.

A website isn’t a geeky piece of software for ‘nerds’, it’s a powerful tool anyone can use to change lives.

Of course, there’s something of an art to it but how many viral articles have you read, viral YouTube videos you seen or Memes that seem to circulate and circulate?

Some of the most seen videos on YouTube were done by people at home on their iPhones. Most websites are started by ordinary people.

Steve Kamb

Here’s one example: Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness started his website and tried helping people – now he has influence of an entire community of people, combined to well over 100’000 loyal fans trying to become fitter and following his advice.

He’s just a young 30 year old guy with no particular fame outside of this Nerd Fitness. Now Steve is helping people and changing their lives with his website.

Adam Baker

Maybe another example?  There was this guy named Adam Baker who was sick of being in debt and enslaved to the system, so he went out and changed his values, finances and approach on life to become minimalist debt free and, of course, stress free.

So Adam started Man vs Debt, and now other people have followed his example and changed their lives by reading his words, like the following phrase:

Sell Your Crap… Pay Off Your Debt… Do What You Love!”

That is really powerful stuff.

The internet is filled with people who have spread their message simply by getting started and remaining dedicated.

Like the guys above you can change lives or even better – make a living doing it! Things are changing and we have more options and potential than ever.

Amplify Your Message

You now have the ability to start a website for next to nothing and with some elbow grease, promote it for free on viral platforms like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit and countless other mediums.  Simply doing this can put your words in front of thousands or even millions of eyes.

So, got something to say?  Get out there and say it!  You don’t even have to leave your house to do it.

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